Rage 2 ups the ante with new “Rise of the Ghosts” expansion

Bethesda have now released the first of two substantial expansions for shooter Rage 2, rolling out a brand new story, region and enemy faction tied into Rise of the Ghosts. Said to push up the game’s already bonkers narrative, this new stretch appears to play heavily on the more action-heavy parts of the game with cannibalistic ghost enemies, a shiny new Feltrite Laster Launcher necessary to shred them to pieces, and a new kinetic ability called “void”.

It seems to pack a lot into an expansion that only costs 1500 RAGE coins (or AU$22.90) for those don’t already own the Deluxe Edition. Plus, anything to extend time spent in that wonderfully mayhem-filled wasteland while Ranger Walker rids the world of bandits is a good thing.

The trailer makes it seem like Avalanche Studios and id Software have put a lot into The Overgrown City, the aching new region in which all this carnage takes place. The decaying skyscrapers and wide open, desolate spaces look like the perfect playground for flinging ghosts into the air before disintegrating them with flesh-eating lasers, right after you’ve hopped off your snazzy new “Ghost Motorcycle”.

Check the full trailer out below

Rise of the Ghosts is available on all platforms, downloadable from the in-game store for 1500 RAGE Coins ($22.90 AUD/$27.90 NZD). Players who own the RAGE 2 Deluxe Edition automatically gain access to the DLC for free.

Chris Singh

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