A Knights of the Old Republic Remake is coming. This is not a drill.

Knights of the Old Republic Remake

A Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake is coming. Yes, you read the headline correctly. The promised time is finally at hand.

Developed by Aspyr in partnership with LucasFilm Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment, the game is a ground-up remake of the beloved 2003 Bioware RPG. Set over a thousand years prior to the Original Trilogy, the explores the days of the High Republic when the Sith were all but extinct and the Jedi were plentiful.

The game will be published on PS5 by SIE, and by Aspyr on PC. It will be a timed PS5 console exclusive, before moving to other platforms afterwards. The appearance of a remake, even one decoupled from both BioWare and its parent company Electronic Arts, is interesting. It suggests that the rights to the KOTOR franchise, originally published by LucasArts prior to BioWare’s acquisition, remain with LucasFilm. Generally, when remakes like this appear, it means there’s internal interest in a new game. A remake of an older title — much less costly and risky to produce — is then dispatched to take the market’s temperature.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake has no release date at this time. It will launch first on PlayStation 5 and Windows PC.

David Smith

David Smith is the former games and technology editor at The AU Review. He has previously written for PC World Australia. You can find him on Twitter at @RhunWords.

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