Book Review: Older But Better, But Older is a handsome, devilish book about growing up

Older But Better

There is no actual school of life. So what does one do if they want to learn to be an adult? Luckily, the fine ladies who wrote the  bestselling book, How to Be Parisian have you covered. They’ve put together a playful, new volume that is chock-full of observations and advice about growing up. It proves that whilst your cake might have more candles, it doesn’t mean you can’t remain seductive, stylish and graceful in a charmingly disgraceful way.

Older But Better, But Older is imbued with a noticeable French sensibility and wit. This should come as no surprise given the backgrounds of the book’s two authors. Caroline de Maigret is a model, music producer and activist. She was also once a spokesperson for Chanel. Sophie Mas, meanwhile, is a film producer who worked on Call Me by Your Name. The pair practically ooze Parisian chic across the pages.

At times this title seems to borrow from strong women, such as Kathy Lette and Nora Ephron, all of whom share smart, sexy and devil-may-care attitudes. Further, the book proves to be both entertaining and cheeky, all while remaining loud and proud about age and womanhood. Perhaps through this, we may all stop second-guessing ourselves and instead embrace the freedoms that come with getting older.

Older But Better, But Older is a handsome title. A hardcover, printed on glossy pages, which makes for the perfect little gift book to dip in and out of. On one page you will find joking asides like: “You know things aren’t what they used to be when you wake up feeling great and everyone tells you how tired you look”. Meanwhile, on another you might have a chapter with some style and beauty tips. The former includes embracing your inner Keith Richards; otherwise known as the “I don’t give two shits” approach. There are also essays about love, family and careers.

Older But Better, But Older attempts to be a lot of things and cover some different ground. But, it’s impossible to have something where every page will resonate with every kind of reader. Perhaps, the biggest gift that this assured little title offers is that of instilling confidence in the reader. The over-arching message of giving yourself permission to be yourself is a lesson that so many of us desperately need. Unfortunately, we often fail to realise this until we really are all grown up.


Older But Better, But Older: The Art of Growing Up by Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas is available now from Penguin Australia.

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