Book Review: Brush up on your art history with Ruby Boukabou’s The Art Lover’s Guide to Paris

Recognised as one of the great art capitals of the world, Paris can be a little daunting for the casual art lover. The Louvre will likely be at the top of any visitor’s list, but once you’re done being captivated by the Mona Lisa’s elusive smile, where on earth do you head next? Do you stick to the big names, or head out in search of back street gems? Perhaps you’re after a little something to brighten a wall at home, but the thought of an auction (not least one held in French!) has got you spooked?

Luckily for Parisian culture vultures, author Ruby Boukabou has done the hard work for you – well, as hard as traipsing about the City of Lights in search of beautiful art can be!

The Art Lover’s Guide To Paris covers it all, from the biggest institutions down to the smallest studios. Whether you’re looking for the Old Masters or the Impressionists, architecture or photography, a high end auction house or an iconic piece of street art, there’s a Parisian spot for you.

Handy tips accompany some of the venues, usually directing you to the best nearby cafe or to a particular work to look out for – little extras that speak to the legwork Boukabou has done while putting together this guide. Most won’t need the auction guide towards the end of the book, but it’s a nice high end touch.

The Art Lover’s Guide To Paris will likely have niche appeal, but with its wealth of information, beautiful photographs (some credited to Boukabou herself), and handy travel size, it’s a must have for the travelling art lover.


The Art Lover’s Guide To Paris is out now, published by White Owl, an imprint of Pen and Sword Books.

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