Yarra Valley Writers Festival extend their virtual presence into Spring

Yarra Valley Writers Festival

Back in May COVID-19 forced the inaugural Yarra Valley Writers Festival online. At the time organisers promised a jam-packed day of author live streams for the main festival day in May. But, there was also the promise of continued events into the future, in the form of virtual book clubs and author chats. 

Four months later and the festival are still continuing to deliver. This week they announced a new series of events: New Release Sundays. The events will take place every Sunday at 4pm across September, October and November. Tickets are “pay-as-you-feel” and bookings are essential in order to secure your spot. 

These New Release Sunday events will feature weekly conversations with Australian authors discussing their newly released books. Obviously COVID-19 and lockdown measures have severely impacted the ability for authors to tour their new releases, or even hold launch parties. So these sort of events are certainly welcome. 

The Festival’s Creative Director Brook Powell described the series of events as a space to meet and enjoy the works of Australia’s contemporary writers, and as a way to support the excited variety of Australian writers and their books. 

The festival have only announced their September diary of events so far, but boosts the attendance of Kate Grenville, Jock Serong, and more.  

Here is the full diary for September:

Aug 30th |  Kate Grenville (A Room Made Of Leaves) in conversation with Fiona Gruber

Sept 6th | John Wood (How I Clawed My Way To The Middle) in conversation with Michael Veitch

Sept 13th | Jock Serong (The Burning Island) in conversation with Michael Veitch

Sept 20th | Luke Horton (The Fogging) in conversation with Rick Morton

Sept 27th | Ewa Ramsey (The Morbids) in conversation with Elizabeth McCarthy

For more information and to book tickets head HERE.

Header Image (L-R): Kate Grenville by Darren James. Jock Serong by Rowena Naylor. Ewa Ramsey supplied by Allen & Unwin.

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