Book Review: Anna Downes’ The Shadow House is gripping tale of escaping ones past

The Shadow House

The Shadow House is the latest thriller from author Anna Downes. The novel follows single mother Alex, as she escapes an abusive relationship. Along with her teenage son and baby girl, she bunkers down in a rural eco-village. The off the grid lifestyle and remote location seem perfect for their new beginnings. Here they hope to find a new lifestyle amongst the secluded community. But, it doesn’t take long before Alex realises that in escaping her own shadowy past, she may have stumbled into someone else’s secrets. An abandoned farmhouse on the hill taunts at her. And this time, there is nowhere left to run.

Throughout the novel, Downes uses the story to ask questions about how best to raise children within the consequences of domestic violence. There’s an underlying message about kids spending too much time on their screens, as well as in-depth discussions about being a parent who is learning to trust again.
I found The Shadow House to be intriguing from the beginning. It’s a very descriptive book, and the ambience of the prologue left me excited about what will turn up in the pages the followed. The darkness, bleakness and strange apparitions Alex sees as her journey unfolds, helped keep this book a page turner.
A thriller at every angle, The Shadow House will keep you guessing till the final moments. This, along with her first book The Safe House, should cement Anna Downes standing as a crime fiction writer. I for one, look forward to reading more from her in the future.


Anna Downes’ The Shadow House is available now from Affirm Press. Grab yourself a copy from Booktopia HERE.

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