Book Review: Reprehensible by Mikey Robins is a hilarious look at historical bad behaviours

  • Lyn Harder
  • November 4, 2020
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Reprehensible, from comedian and broadcaster Mikey Robins, is an informative and rollicking guide through the shameful behaviour of humanity’s most celebrated figures. 

As Robin notes, “We are under bombardment from all of our screens, all of the time, reminding us with just one click what a dreadful time we are living through. But, here is one comforting thought; we’ve always been appalling.” And as it turns out, sometimes it’s our most esteemed luminaries who’ve behaved the worst. 

Reprehensible contains a multitude of stories, and covers many centuries. Clearly a lot of work has gone into the researching for the book. Broken down into chapters such as “The Problem with Power”, “Wayward Geniuses”, and “Scoundrels both Dirty and Rotten”, you’ll find yourself well armed at your next trivia night or pub quiz. 

For example, did you know there were laws in place to not celebrate Christmas? And what should we make of the fact that each American State has their own ridiculous laws? Farting in Florida is illegal after 6pm; the more you know! And think of the stomach cramps they must have. 

You’ll also find yourself learning where in the world “Jingle Bells” actually originated; and the chapters on flatulent Mozart and co proved to be distinctly memorable. There’s no shortage of witty, hilarious and bizarre fables and facts. 

Although I disagree with Robins’s assertion that The Eighties were an awful decade, Reprehensible proved to a hilarious, yet truthful book, shedding light on all those little known facts, fables and foibles. If you enjoy Horrible Histories or Drunk History you’ll love Reprehensible. 


Mikey Robins’s Reprehensible is out now, published by Simon & Schuster Australia. Grab your copy from Booktopia HERE.