Book Review: Kate James’s Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life brims with life positivity lessons

Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life

These crazy Covid times have most likely left people feeling as though they were living the wrong life. For those of you questioning and soul-searching, never fear as life coach, Kate James is here to help. She is an author who has worked in the realms of positive psychology and meditation practices for some time. Her latest book, Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life offers up some empowering food for thought.

This book is James’ fifth in the self-help genre. It is divided into two separate parts: The first is designed to get you to reflect on yourself. And to identify your needs, values, strengths, and patterns of thinking. While, the second is focused on getting you to change and challenge your thinking and habits.

This text borrows a lot from the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy discipline of Psychology. It gets readers to confront their distorted thinking and attempt some healthier patterns of thought. There are many exercises throughout the text, some more relevant than others. But, they do help in crystallising the theoretical text and providing some practical applications for what James has discussed. A journal to collate this work is highly-encouraged so that you can take your time with it, and to pause and reflect as you work your way through things.

Some readers may find this book is full of the kinds of advice that they have already heard from other sources before. Many people would be familiar with things like imposter syndrome and how to silence your inner critic. That said, it doesn’t hurt to read over these things again because said lessons can take time to take on board. There is some repetition in the book but this should hopefully help to reinforce James’s messages.

James has written a very accessible text. The chapters are short and easy to follow. There is a lot of emphasis on spiritual aspects and learning to be more mindful. This may not resonate with all readers. However, if people are willing to take on-board some new perspectives, there are many positive takeaways to be had here.

Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life offers up some big promises but it will be up to the individual reader whether it delivers on things. As it stands, this book has some great nuggets and leans on techniques from positive psychology, acceptance and commitment therapy, and neuropsychology. James offers up an enlightening text and some useful self-help tools that – when followed with commitment – can help improve your life.

 Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life


Kate James’s Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life is out now, from Pan Macmillan.

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