Theatre Review: After a night with Ruby Slippers and co, I LOVE GAY – and you will too!

Commander Ruby Slippers and her band of queer warriors are here and they’re ready to slay! Featuring acts from across Australia, I LOVE GAY is a cabaret style celebration of all the colours of the LGBTQ+ rainbow, and it’s damn near impossible not to get swept away in the fun.

Produced by Slippers and Brisbane’s own Joel Devereux, I LOVE GAY features performances from Porcelain Alice, Karl Kayoss, SHAM, Crimson Coco, Luna Thicc, and Tyson Goddard. It’s an entertaining hour, filled with killer lip syncs and fierce burlesque routines.

The honest truth is that anything that opens with a Knife Party track is guaranteed to have a place in my heart. Sure, there’s a few fluffed lines, and the decision to march around a theatre that’s clearly not made for it is a bit of a weird one, but there’s much to be said for the enthusiasm and talent on display here.

Highlights include Karl Kayoss’ sexy boylesque, a brilliant lip sync from Crimson Coco, Luna Thicc, and Tyson Goddard (otherwise known as Brisbane’s Thicc Shake dance crew), and a surprisingly moving finale piece featuring SHAM.

What’s great is that there’s room for the I LOVE GAY team to grow. The audience couldn’t get enough of the acts (Kayoss and Goddard in particular), and likely could have sat there for another half an hour or so. With likes of YUMMY and Briefs walking the same line of drag, gender bending, and general flamboyance, I LOVE GAY is in good company, and it’ll be interesting (and no doubt a huge amount of fun) to see where the show goes next!


I LOVE GAY has since finished its MELT run, but keep an eye out for future performances via the show’s Facebook page.
There’s still plenty to see at MELT, so head to the Brisbane Powerhouse website for more info!

Reviewer attended the performance on Friday 27th June.

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