Comedy Review: Rory Lowe – Highs & Lowes – Perth Fringe World (27.01.23)

Geordie-accented, WA-raised, Sydney-based comedian Rory Lowe is all action. Time flies when watching Rory, a non-stop comedian, with ready-made jokes and quick wit to keep the crowd on its toes.

Scruffy-haired Rory is currently performing his Highs & Lowes show at The Rechabite‘s downstairs Goodwill Club as part of Perth’s Fringe World.

George Zacharopoulos, who is playing his show 2023 Greek Comedian of the Year at Fringe, put on a support act prior to Rory on Friday night, making sharp jokes about the quirks of English phrases and showcasing his accessible humour which is worth a listen. He looks a talent at ease on stage.

Rory took over and immediately demanded attention with his bouncy stage presence and confident demeanour and sharp delivery. He has a welcome brashness about him, along with a disarming honesty, revealing plenty about the unique dynamic of his relationship with his stuntwoman girlfriend with no shortage of laughs along the way.

If ever there was a moment of silence to fill, he reverted to simply saying his name in his unique Geordie accent, prompting laughter.

Alternately, he’d fill the void by stating “good energy” and waving his hand in the direction of the other side of the room. It may seem silly, but it’s that stuff that holds together a show where crowd engagement, and at times participation, seemed a key part creating lots of unknown variables.

Inviting crowd participation can be a brave move and there were moments during this show where it seemed a tad directionless and needed polish, but Rory was able to find his way back on track eventually, irrespective of the alleged Shane Warne look-a-like in the front row’s best efforts to put him off.

Rory’s story-telling comes with plenty of one-liners and humorous tangents and he’s clearly at home up on stage. It’s not easy to put on an hour-long stand-up show, but time flies with Rory on the mic.

If you’re up for a laugh, you’ve come to the right place with Rory. Expect a prolonged chat if you’re in the front row. Expect plenty of laughs if you’re further back.


Rory Lowe is playing at the Goodwill Club at Perth Fringe World until February 5. Get your tickets HERE for $35.


Ben Somerford

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