Edinburgh Fringe Review: Ivy Paige is engaging and fearless in Seduction

Ivy Paige’s cabaret show Seduction sees the former Voice contestant don a tight golden dress, with her… talents… on full display, as she taught the crowd how to be a successful seductress like her.

Accompanied by her trusty keyboardist, the show delivered some fantastic numbers, that were loosely tied together by dialogue and audience participation.

With the attendance at the performance I attended being less-than-full, it meant that almost everyone in the crowd became part of the production. Some carried the artist as she performed, others saw Paige in their laps or climbing over them. Others were asked to propose to the singer, and play with some pre-scripted moments.

Filled with great music, Paige proved herself an engaging and fearless performer, bringing a few laughs along the way and plenty of awkward moments with the crowd meant to make everyone squirm. All this makes for a great Cabaret experience. But where the show struggled was in how it was all tied together; the presentation feeling more repetitious than it should have, and the concept seemed a bit lost in amongst the action.

But as I spent the hour hoping I wouldn’t be picked on, feeling uncomfortable at times, and laughing wholeheartedly in others, it feels like the show achieved everything it set out to anyway. There’s no questioning that Ivy Paige delivers a good time, in every meaning of the word.


Ivy Paige‘s Edinburgh Fringe show Seduction had its final performances over the weekend Assembly George Square Theatre – The Bubble. For more details, head to the official Fringe website. For more about Ivy Paige, head to her official website.

Photo Credit: Steve Ullathorne

The reviewer attended the performance on August 23rd. 

Larry Heath

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