Aussies in Edinburgh: Rhys Nicholson on his new Fringe show Seminal

Aussie comedian Rhys Nicholson is on his way to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival, and en route he kindly answered a Q&A for us about the show he’ll be performing there – Seminal. Here’s what he sent back, and everything you need to know about the show…

Who are you, and what is your show?

It’s me, Rhys Nicholson, from comedy. I am a stand up comedian from Australia and this year my show is a nice fun show about mainly me. Look if I’m honest it’s basically an hour of jokes. Fun jokes. Award winning jokes.

Thematically or otherwise, what can you tell us about your show? What can people expect?

Look I can give you one of two answers here. The deep artsy answer: This year the show has the through line of Australia dealing with same sex marriage being legalised and what it meals for me, a gay man in a long term relationship. Even though marriage equality was passed, it also boiled up Australia’s alt right community.

Real answers: it’s 55 minutes of dick jokes and whats in like to be engaged. Get onboard.

Where did the idea for the show come from, and why have you chosen to debut it at Edinburgh?

This is what feels like my 1000th Edinburgh fringe, but is actually my 6th. In a row. I love it here but let be honest, I miss vegetables. I just wish I didn’t find deep fried food so delicious. All I want in this festival is being in charge of when I need to go to the bathroom.

Why should audiences come see your show? 

I kind of feel like ever answer I have given in this q and a is why people should come, but, here goes. I think people should come because I have worked hard on this show. I really quite like it. I have already done it about sixty times and haven’t gotten bored of it yet. Surely that’s enough of a sell. A millennial who has done something for 60 hours and not sick of it. Just come please.

What sets Edinburgh Fringe apart from other events?

The howling wind, the sleet and rain. This is what they call summer. Over the years I think I have just learnt how to deal with the enormous monstrosity of festival. What sets this place apart is the us and them mentality. Everyone taking part in it talk about “the fringe” as if it’s happening to us. When is actual fact the reason it’s so big is because we all do it. We are the fringe. It’s a vicious and amazing cycle.

And finally, the money shot: plug all your dates for Edinburgh here!

I’m here all month, try the veal.

Rhys Nicholson’s new stand up show Seminal will be at the Underbelly Jersey Room on Bristo Square at 8.05pm daily for tickets go to

Larry Heath

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