Attempting to unlock the mysteries of the Mystery Musical #4

Imagine the excitement of sitting down in a theatre ready to see one of the great classic musicals- but having absolutely no idea which it will be! The starting notes begin and the crowd slowly cheers as the first recognitions start to trickle through like a wave.

This excitement of discovery is all a part of Squabbalogic’s Mystery Musicals, now up to their #4! We chatted to some of the cast to try and wheedle out some hints, but well- you’ll see how well that went.

What’s the most exciting part about being somewhat in the know in a “Mystery Musical”?

CAITLIN BERRY: The thrill of keeping a secret makes rehearsing for the musical that much more fun! It’s also great going to great lengths to keep it a secret i.e hiding singing scores from housemates. It’s all part of the tease before opening night.

BRETT O’NEILL: The reaction that people have when they see that you’re involved. People will say or do anything to find out what the show is.

STEPHEN MADSEN: Everyone loves a secret. I’ve planted a few misleading hints to throw people off the scent when they’ve tried to get it out of me.

COURTNEY GLASS: Having seen one Mystery Musical (Hello, Dolly!) and been in the cast for another (Best Little Whorehouse), I think the moment I am most looking forward to is the show reveal.  Whether it was calculated on Jay’s part or not, both of those shows had GREAT opening lines/lyrics that revealed the show straight away, got a great crowd reaction and then everyone is on board for the rest of the journey together.  That’s a pretty special transaction between the cast and the audience.  I think this show will be no different in that regard.

How are you preparing differently for this top-secret production? Rehearsing every classic musical ever?

CAITLIN BERRY: You can’t prepare like you usually do. You have to practice lines by yourself (not so fun), and restrain from bursting out into song with those memorable tunes – you never know who’s listening!

BRETT O’NEILL: Luckily my musical background and repertoire are largely all classical musicals.

STEPHEN MADSEN: You certainly can’t get as much rehearsing done in the shower when your housemates are home! Practicing the material has turned into a bit of a covert operation.

COURTNEY GLASS: Even though the Mystery Musicals are performed semi-staged and script-in-hand, I am making a pretty significant effort to get the as close to off-book as possible before we even start rehearsal so that I am more free to listen and connect with my other artists.  Since we may only run each segment once or twice, I want to show up with a few flexible choices made and ready to play off what others bring to the table rather than being stuck “in my book.”

And if someone walked into the room right now, grabbed your shoulders, and shouted “SING ME A SONG! A MUSICAL SONG! RIGHT NOW!” what song would you burst in to?

CAITLIN BERRY: I wish this situation happened to me more frequently; I usually volunteer a song. If this said person was demanding a song, I’d probably sing “Little Shop of Horrors”. This sassy song is a three part girl chorus, but i’d just have to make do.

BRETT O’NEILL: Probably something from Grey Gardens. Squabbalogic’s production of it has really stayed with me and I listen to the soundtrack almost daily.

STEPHEN MADSEN: I’ve had the Four Seasons song “Walk Like a Man” stuck in my head all day so hopefully jukebox musicals count because that’s what I’d start singing regardless.

COURTNEY GLASS: Well, at the moment I am moving interstate (because that’s a logical thing to do when trying to learn a pretty mammoth role on the fly!), and a song from Adam Gwon’s ORDINARY DAYS (which Squabbalogic produced in 2012)) keeps popping into my head:  It’s called “Let Things Go” and it’s basically about cleaning your closets, both literally and mentally.

Be amongst those who will know what Mystery Musical #4 is at the Seymour Centre on Wednesday 3rd August. For more information and to book visit


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