Adelaide Fringe Review: The Showmen’s Adults Only Magic Show entertains and delights

Adults Only Magic Show

Magic duo Sam & Justin (known as The Showmen) present the Adult Only Magic Show at Gluttony. The show is marketed as an incredible array of hilariously raucous comedy, mind-bending illusions and stunningly dangerous stunts. The fast-paced show has plenty of audience participation with free drink cards for those helping on stage. Not that many of the volunteers needed them. The Tuesday night crown were “like a Saturday night crowd”. This show relies on audience support and tonight we had in that in spades.

The energy levels are high from the moment the duo entered the stage. They promised a mix of tricks and stunts, and I started to worry that I’d lose track of what was going on. However, the loose performances belied a tight control of the illusions. Everything was resolved, much to the surprise of both the audience and volunteers on stage.

There was one moment where a young lady started to regret allowing her mobile phone to be used as a prop but in typical style this situation was short lived. The tricks and illusions tumble out in quick succession, although I have to admit that some of the routines felt a little familiar. The redeeming factor was the humour and energy that the duo injected into the show.

How adult is “Adults Only”? I wouldn’t bring my prim and proper Aunt, but there was nothing so raunchy that didn’t elicit laughs from the whole audience. “Leave em laughing as you go” could be their motto, and despite the familiarity of a couple of the skits, there were some genuinely baffling tricks that were executed with skill and aplomb.

With the Adults Only Magic Show you get what you expect, a fun and raucous night out, Bring a friend, have a drink or two and sit back and be entertained for an hour.

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Adults Only Magic Show runs at The Flamingo in Gluttony until March 21st. Tickets available HERE.

The reviewer attended the performance on March 2nd.

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