Adelaide Fringe Review: Maho Magic Bar lives up to its name

Maho Magic Bar - cast and audience members

The Maho Magic Bar has returned to Adelaide Fringe in The Garden of Unearthly Delights. Modelled on the Magic bars of Tokyo, tricksters entertain the audience whilst they sip on cocktails.

Inside the Maho Bar, there are four bar areas and a separate table and each one hosts a conjurer. The atmosphere is loud, raucous and hazy, with plenty of audience participation. Even the bartender is entertaining to watch as he mixes up a veritable range of Japanese influenced cocktails.

Sho Eba is the hostess for the evening. With Heath Ledger looks and a sassy attitude, she directs and controls the audience without fear or favour.

But it’s the magic that is really the drawcard. Santa Teradako is described as Conjurer of magical creatures. However these magical creatures don’t always do what they’re told, so out comes the whip, which somehow gets used on Santa as punishment.

Shirayuri is known as the Mixologist of mischief. He knows how to strut his stuff and is captivating and entertaining all at once. Close up magic relies on distraction and skill and these magicians all know their stuff.

The magicians rotate between the bars, giving time for one lucky audience member to be part of the show for whole venue. It’s all good natured fun and sometimes the audience is let in on the trick.

It’s definitely a memorable and fun night out that’s a little different from the rest.


The Adelaide Fringe runs until 19th March

The Maho Magic Bar runs most days of the Fringe

For more information of the Garden of Unearthly Delights check here