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Comedy Review: Just for Laughs Stand-Up Series hosted by Dave Thornton - Sydney Opera House (23.10.15)

The Just for Laughs stand-up series does what it says on the tin. It’s a show that features local comedians doing stand-up routines and is also part of the Just for Laughs Sydney Comedy Festival. It’s also a mini comedy gala hosted by Dave Thornton and included some billed and some surprise guests. It proved to be a fun little evening, which definitely had its moments.

GRAPHIC Festival Review: Sarah Blasko - Sydney Opera House (11.10.15)

Photo: Dan Boud.

On album number five, Sarah Blasko shimmies and struts to the language of love. Her recent show at the Sydney Opera House for Graphic Festival saw the world premiere and official preview of her latest offering. It was worlds apart from her previous concert at this iconic venue where she was backed by the Sydney International Orchestra. This time around it was about taut, indie pop tunes and celebrating a crazy little thing called love.

GRAPHIC Festival Review: Ólafur Arnalds - Sydney Opera House (10.10.15)

Photo Credit: Prudence Upton

One of the most anticipated musical events at the Sydney Opera House this weekend arrived as part of the House's GRAPHIC Festival, featuring acclaimed Icelandic pianist Ólafur Arnalds, accompanied by a 15 piece Orchestra and special graphics commissioned specifically for the event, produced by Máni M. Sigfússon.

Eight things we learned at Kevin Smith's "Superhero Multiverse" at the Sydney Opera House

For the second time in a week, I had the pleasure of listening to Kevin Smith talk his ass off as he winds down his Australian tour with Jason Mewes. As part of the Graphic Festival, Smith & Mewes held their final show at the iconic Sydney Opera House, talking all things film, comics and vulgar sex stories. Here are 8 things I learned.

Theatre Review: Arms And The Man - Sydney Theatre Company (Performances until 31st October 2015)

George Benard Shaw’s Arms and the Man premiered on April 21st, 1894 and would run for fifty performances, making it the first of his plays to be a commercial success. Set during the Serbian – Bulgarian War of 1885, the play was designed to destroy the mythical ideal of the romantic soldier hero which was a popular portrayal during the Victorian era. In the opening scene we are introduced to the plays heroine Raina (Andrea Demetriades) who is informed by her mother Catherine (Deborah Kennedy) of her fiancé’s bravery on the field of battle during a cavalry charge.

Live Review: Toni Braxton - Sydney Opera House (13.09.15)

All it took was one award winning concept album (last year's Love, Marriage, and Divorce with Babyface) and R&B veteran Toni Braxton found herself back in the music spotlight after years of absence. With encouragement from Babyface, a long-time collaborator and legend in his own right, Braxton was able to channel that energy and re-focus the voice that made her one of the shining stars of 90s contemporary R&B, with about 67 million record sales to boast. It then seems like perfect timing for Braxton to finally make her way down to Australia for a debut tour, playing in some of the country's most renowned venues. Sydney's turn was, of course, in the Concert Hall at the Sydney Opera House, giving us around 1.5 hours with the universally adored performer who very much proved that her return to form is the real deal.

Photo Gallery: Toni Braxton - Sydney Opera House (13.09.15)

On her first ever tour to Australia, Toni Braxton performed to a sold out Concert Hall at the Sydney Opera House last night and Belinda Dipalo was there to bring you these photos. You can read our review of the event HERE!

Photo Gallery: Anything Goes - Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House (Performances to 31st October)

the AU's Nathan Atkins was there at the new production of Cole Porter’s classic musical comedy Anything Goes to bring us these awesome snaps. Starring Caroline O’Connor and Todd McKenney, this dynamic, high-energy musical is one of Australia’s hottest new hits of the season. Click through for the full gallery.

Festival of Dangerous Ideas Recap: Naomi Klein "Capitalism and the Climate" - Sydney Opera House (05.09.15)

“When you’re in a hole, stop digging.”

Author, filmmaker and activist Naomi Klein didn't shy away from her displeasure with capitalism at her Festival of Dangerous Ideas talk "Capitalism and the Climate".

Festival of Dangerous Ideas Recap: Peter Greste "Journalistic Freedom" - Sydney Opera House (05.09.15)

"I wouldn’t wish what I went through on my worst enemy... but it’s brought you all here today."

Peter Greste knows that journalists don’t have the best reputation at the moment. He even puts them up with used car salesmen and politicians in public opinion. But all jokes aside, Greste spoke at this year’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas for a reason: his work as a journalist saw him locked up in Egyptian prison for 400 days.

Arts Review: The Tempest - Playhouse at the Sydney Opera House (Performances to 18th September)

The Tempest is John Bell’s final production for the company he founded 25 years ago, a fitting choice as the play is also attributed as Shakespeare’s final work. The Tempest seeks not to be a dark judgment on human character or a vast tragedy of ill-fated lovers though (as Shakespeare would often have), but instead tells an allegorical tale of magic, love and reconciliation, and the production that Bell Shakespeare weaves on stage is nothing less than “such stuff as dreams are made on”.

Live Review: Rubber Soul Revolver (Beatles Cover Show) - Sydney Opera House (08.08.15)

A melting pot of Australian talent in Husky Gawenda, Fergus Linacre, and Jordie Lane joined forces to perform two Beatles albums - Rubber Soul and Revolver - back to back at the beautiful Sydney Opera House this past weekend, ending what has been a hugely anticipated national tour.

Live Review: Death Cab For Cutie - The Sydney Opera House, Sydney (01.08.15)

You would be inclined to think that seeing your favourite band live would automatically equate to an amazing experience. Sadly, the last time I saw Death Cab For Cutie at The Enmore Theatre two years ago, I was underwhelmed to say the least; perhaps it was the heartbreak from Gibbard’s recent divorce, perhaps he just didn’t give a damn. While the songs were delivered note-perfect, the unavoidable truth came in the form of the realisation that there’s more to a gig than just the pitch of a performance – there also needs to be soul and charisma.

Photo Gallery: Death Cab For Cutie - Sydney Opera House (01.08.15)

Death Cab for Cutie brought Kintsugi and their well-loved classics through to the Sydney Opera House last night for a special night of live music. Mikki Gomez was down there for the AU and brings us this gallery from the evening!

TV on the Radio help bring the lights down on Vivid Sydney 2015

Shot by Nathan Atkins for the AU review. "Monet" the Vivid street performer

After 18 days of light, music and ideas, the 7th Vivid Sydney has come to a close for yet another year, with Brooklyn's TV on the Radio closing out the festival at the Sydney Opera House, supported by Sydney's own Kirin J Callinan.