Stumbled Upon #083 - David Aurora (Gold Coast)

In our 83rd instalment of "Stumbled Upon", we meet the Gold Coast’s David Aurora, and chat about his writing process, avoiding genre stereotypes and listen to his latest track ‘Crawl’.

Musician/Band Name:
David Aurora

Website / Social Media:

Anything and everything.

Members & their roles:
David Aurora (guitar/piano/vocals) with a revolving door of guest musicians on the records. Rhythm section for the new album was Jesse Carroll (Drums) & Daniel Aurora (Bass)

What music or artists inspired you?
Tonnes, it’s near impossible to list them all. I guess in the last few years leading up to the new album though, the most played things on my iPod were probably Bruce Springsteen, You Am I, The Frames, Jackson Browne, Fiona Apple and Something For Kate. Lots of singer/songwriter stuff.

How did you/the band get started?
I grew up playing thrash metal but found over time that my band was horrendously unreliable and also that I was writing tonnes of stuff that didn’t fit the band, which I was just stockpiling on demo tapes. Eventually I realised I could be playing a lot more music if I just did my own thing, and I’ve been doing the solo thing ever since (save for a single/tour with a band called Stellar Green last year). Bands are fun, but the solo thing has a bit more adrenalin because there’s nothing to hide behind.

How would you best describe your live show:
Spontaneous, intimate and unguarded.

What shows do you have coming up?
The only thing on the horizon at the moment before I get to work booking the album tour is a show at Luxor Lounge in Brunswick (VIC) on November 14.
Keep an eye on Facebook for more dates.

Tell us about your latest release:
I’ve recently put out a single called ‘Crawl’ ahead of my new album (Tar). In a strange way it was both a late addition to the record and also the start of it, we had an aborted attempt at making the record a couple of years back and I wound up scrapping a lot of the material and writing tonnes more while touring after those sessions fell apart. ‘Crawl’ was probably the first one I wrote in that era that I KNEW was going to make the record, it just came together so naturally and was really fun/cathartic to play live. It seemed to resonate with audiences too, so it was a bit of a no-brainer to make it the first single.

Where can I get your music?
I’ve got my last two CD’s available on my website (link above), and you can get them at shows too, as well as the usual online outlets like iTunes etc. The current single is digital only (iTunes/etc).


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