Tour Diary: Perch Creek (Melbourne) take on Newtown Social Club, Brunswick's Howler and more (Part Two)

Yesterday we brought you Part One of Perch Creek's tour diary, and now we bring you the second and final installment! From Newtown Social Club to Howler in Brunswick, Victoria, click through to see what the band got up to on the last leg of their tour...

Tour Diary: Perch Creek (Melbourne) on the road in Fremantle, at BIGSOUND and more (Part One)

Perch Creek returned to home soils this September for their "Mama Sings" single launch tour - their only Australian tour of 2015. Across a few select shows including BIGCOUND, the "Mama Sings" tour saw the band premiere songs from the forthcoming album, giving their audience an exclusive look into the exciting new musical direction the band have taken. The band now gives the AU review some insights into their life on the road... Click through for their tour diary!

Tour Diary: Hermitude (Blue Mountains) share their 2015 Lollapalooza Experience

Originally from the Blue Mountains, the boys from Hermitude headed off to perform at Lollapalooza recently. Along the way, Luke Dubber took some happy snaps for us. Click through to check out the whirlwind experience...

Exclusive Tour Diary: Angus and Julia Stone (Sydney) Explore Chicago and Lollapalooza

The duo performing at Lollapalooza. Photo by Daniel Boczarski for the AU review.

While on tour for Lollapalooza, Angus and Julia Stone recorded their adventures for us with an exclusive tour diary. We follow the musical duo as they travel around Chicago and play at the iconic festival. During their visit, they explored the many film locations of The Blues Brothers and talked about how influential the film was. When they were younger, their father’s band often played Blues Brothers covers shows. After exploring, they played at Lollapalooza, where they experienced the good vibes of the crowd for themselves, until the weather changed and the crowd was evacuated to underground weather shelters. Click through for the full tour diary.

Tour Diary: Foreign Architects (Perth) mini-documentary about Beerfest Asia in Singapore

Perth's Foreign Architects recently travelled to Singapore to perform at the annual Beerfest Asia Festival. Foreign Architects Matt Burke and Andrew Barnett takes us on a personal photo tour of their time in Singapore plus a mini documentary of some behind the scenes footage from the Lion City!

Tour Diary: The Beaches (Ontario) gives us the highlights from their ventures at T in the Park

Canadian girl alt-rock group, The Beaches, took the AU along as they blast their new wave of fem-rock across the Scottish plains of Glasgow at the T in the Park festival this July. From bumpy plane rides, to taking stage at the major annual music festival, these rocking teens shares with us their amazing adventures exploring the great cities of the country and performing in T at the Park. Check out the full tour diary below...

Tour Diary: HOLY HOLY (Australia) take on The Great Escape, travelling, and more

While in England touring for The Great Escape festival, HOLY HOLY documented their experiences while on the road and share with us their tour diary. From driving through Europe and being regular tourists, to pre show exercises and visiting the great John Bonham's grave, follow the band through their travels overseas. Click through to see the full tour diary...

Tour Diary: Mathas (WA) on the road with Funkoars (Part Three)!

The end of the Funkoars' national tour has taken some serious recovery. Wrapping up with a stomper show in their hometown of Adelaide, the entire Golden Era family rolled up to celebrate. Mathas, who has been giving us some insights into his experiences on the road with the hip-hop crew, presents us with his final tour diary installment - from reconnecting with the Big Village mob in Sydney, almost sleeping in Newcastle car park, to meeting everyone's hero Larry Emdur, the last leg of the Funkoars tour was a hectic trip for the WA MC.

Tour Diary: Twin Lakes (Newcastle) take on Music Matters, technical difficulties and more

Newcastle's indie pop outfit, Twin Lakes, took the AU along for the ride while they were at Music Matters in Singapore recently. Join them as they show us their experiences through their first three days on tour, including epic flights, thong hunts, unfortunate technical difficulties,, and more. Click through for the full tour diary...

Tour Diary: Selahphonic (Queensland) take on house parties in L.A., CMW, Rehab in San Jose, big water falls and more

Sunshine Coast's Selahphonic document their international adventures for the AU review in this awesome tour diary. Including snaps and insights from house parties in L.A, and their "rad" three days at Canadian Music Week, to Dive Bars and Rehab in San Jose, not to mention big water falls and big bridges, this one's a must-read...