Tour Diary: Mathas (WA) on the road with Funkoars! (Part Two)

Mathas' tour with The Funkoars continues around the country and in this second part of his tour diary series for the AU, the Perth rapper brings us all the action from their time in Canberra and Melbourne! Things get sweaty, Vita-Brits are smashed and fire alarms are activated. Read on to see how things have been going down...

Tour Diary: BAD//DREEMS (Adelaide) take on The Great Escape, Getting to Know the Locals, and more

Adelaide-based rock band, BAD//DREEMS share an exclusive tour diary with the AU review on their exciting international adventure at The Great Escape. Taking us along for the ride from Leeds to Derbyshire and from Birmingham to London, the band give us the lowdown on their life on the road. Click through for their full tour diary...

Tour Diary: Betty & Oswald (Sydney) take on Canadian Music Week, Songhubs, Comfort Zones and more

In the past, we've described Sydney's Betty & Oswald as "having their own brand of music– a swirling blend of jazz, cabaret, folk and something a little more slippery"... This year, the duo are back and bigger than ever, having just recently taken on Canadian Music Week. Now, they bring their international adventures home with them in the form of one awesome and insightful tour diary for the AU review. Click through for all the behind-the-scenes action and happy snaps...

Tour Diary: Dru Chen (Melbourne) gives us the highlights of his Music Matters experience and more!

Soul-Funk-Pop singer/songwriter Dru Chen has had an interesting upbringing. Having spent half his life in Melbourne and half in Singapore, it made sense for him to perform at Music Matters where he had previously performed as a guitarist for Brisbane singer Bec Laughton. Here, Dru takes us on a trip around his second home, sunny Singapore, from killer eats to radio to rehearsal to the stage!

Tour Diary: Demi Louise (Melbourne) continues her CMW journey with Sound Gallery and Aussie BBQ experiences! (Part Three)

From hanging out with SXSW pals Far Away Stables and wrapping up her shows at Canadian Music Week with Sounds Australia's Sound Gallery and Aussie BBQ, Demi Louise shares in her final part of her tour diary how much of fun time she had exploring the beauty of Canadian culture by going to a Blue-Jays Game as well as appreciating the amazingly nice people that she met who made her feel at home...

Tour Diary: Demi Louise (Melbourne) on co-writing "Crazy If We Don't" and Songhub experiences (Part Two)

The AU review brings you Part Two of Demi Louise's tour diary as part of her experience at Canadian Music Week. From co-writing a song called "Crazy If We Don't" to her rewarding experience exploring the Songhub with SOCAN curator, Gavin Brown who has made millions in sales through his work with bands such as Three Days Grace and Billy Talent, we see Louise learn more about the Canadian music industry as her CMW ventures progress. Read on for her second take Canadian adventures here.

Tour Diary: Josef Salvat (Sydney) takes on The Great Escape, gigs, pigeons and more

Josef Salvat took the AU review along on his recent tour for The Great Escape. Salvat brings us quirky photos of his trip including his visit to Brighton, chill days at the beach, seeing live bands like Slaves and stumbling upon a pigeon that oddly enough, gives him a new perspective on life. Click through to see his tour diary in full...

Tour Diary: Demi Louise (Melbourne) takes on Canadian Music week, travelling, Songhub and more

Demi Louise takes the AU review along on tour for Canadian Music Week. She shares all her adventures from the "dark and dreary" stay at a Toronto hostel and her first ever interviews with Canadian press to being part of the amazing lineup that brought Songhub to life. Read on for the first part of her incredible tour diary here...

Tour Diary: True Vibenation (Sydney) take on Zimbabwe, Mozambique and more during African Tour

Currently in the middle of their exciting tour around Africa, Sydney hip hop crew True Vibenation let the AU in on what life is like playing festivals and shows in places like Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Swaziland. Peep their tour diary below and check out their remaining tour dates, which include homecoming shows around the country after their African adventure comes to an end on 30th May at Bushfire Festival in South Africa.

Tour Diary: Mathas (WA) on the road with Funkoars! (Part One)

Perth rapper Mathas is currently on the road with Funkoars, bringing chaotic live shows to fans around the country. The tour kicked off in Queensland last weekend and will continue through until June 12th, where the crew comes back to Funkoars' hometown of Adelaide for a show that will most likely leave fans and performers alike wearied, exhilarated...all of the above. For Mathas, the tour is an opportunity to take "Free Shit" - his new single - to more people than probably ever before, a great way to get the hype for his forthcoming Armwrestling Atlas album even more built up.

Tour Diary: Hein Cooper (Milton) shares his Canadian Music Week journey, including Sounds Australia and more

Australian Indie musician, Hein Cooper shares an exclusive tour diary with the AU review on what he got up to at this year's Canadian Music Week (CMW). From seeing talented bands/musicians to discovering the amazingness of Poutine, Cooper takes us through all the moments that made his Canadian adventure worthwhile...

Tour Diary: sleepmakeswaves (Sydney) reflect on their 2013 adventures through Europe, as their "Great Northern" Australian tour kicks off!

Sydney post-rock band sleepmakeswaves shares with us their thoughts and experiences from their 2013 European tour on the day the band return to Australia to tour "Great Northern". Hitting up the likes of Zurich, Rome and Madrid, guitarist, Otto Wicks-Green tells all in this exclusive piece. Read on to get the full scope of the band's tour diary...

Tour Diary: Avers (Virginia) take on SXSW, whiskey and oysters for breakfast, their sweatiest show yet and more

Rock band Avers from Richmond, Virginia take the AU review along for the ride as they head to Austin's iconic SXSW. From whiskey and oysters for breakfast to their Sweatiest show yet, this tour diary offers up insights and snaps from their action-packed trip. Click through to check it out...

Tour Diary: Toddy from King Parrot hits the USA from California to Seattle and Salt Lake (March/April 2015 - Part Two)

San Diego, California is a beautiful place! A laid back kinda vibe, nice beaches and friendly folk. This was our first show in a string of dates through this beautiful state! Tonight’s venue is called The Casbah, so it was pretty cool to literally ‘rock the Casbah’ just one time in our musical careers, even if it’s not the actual Casbah! The venue was right opposite the San Diego airport, so we had quite the showing of landing planes right above our heads if we stepped out the front door.

Tour Diary: Toddy from King Parrot (Melbourne) hits the USA from New Orleans to SXSW and Scottsdale, Arizona (March/April 2015 - Part One)

To set the scene here, we’d just arrived on American soil at JFK airport, New York from Frankfurt, Germany after our first European tour as King Parrot. A couple of us have toured Europe before with other bands, but this was our first run as KP. We did a 10 show run across 7 countries with Weedeater. It was a great way to test the waters for us as well as get acquainted with our touring buddies in Weedeater before both bands set out for a month of dates across the USA. In this first pic, the lads are just lounging about in the airport lounge during our layover before flying down to New Orleans, Louisiana.