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Sean Murphy's new comedy "Turning Japanese" is coming to Sydney Fringe Festival

Sydney-based comedian/Japan-addict Sean Murphy will be performing at the FREE Sydney Fringe show Turning Japanese. It is a comedy for anyone who's ever lived in, visited, or simply dreamed of tasting life in Tokyo. Hosted by the Japan Foundation, this brand new hour of laughs explores Australia's future in the Asia Century by way of one man's attempts (and failures) to fit in.

Sydney Fringe Festival Review: Ambrosia - 5 Eliza (28.09.14)

Ambrosia is a collection of five different scenes, five different mythical creatures and how these five different stories somehow weave a connection between them despite never converging.

Sydney Fringe Review: A Crow Short Of A Murder - 5 Eliza, Sydney (Final Performance Tonight!)

Sometimes you can just tell from the pre-show crowd that something is going to be great. Walking up The Annex stairs to be greeted by a large excitable chattering crowd of people milling around awaiting the performance certainly starts you thinking that you’re going to enjoy this one.

Sydney Fringe Cabaret Review: Harry and Liv - Glebe Justice Centre (05.09.14)

Entering the Glebe Justice Centre for Sydney Fringe Festival's Harry + Liv was like walking into the living room of an old friend. Couches are scattered around the room, all directed towards a piano and what looks like someone’s apartment. Liv is the first on stage starting the night off with a song but it is not long before the peace is interrupted by her unemployed brother Harry. Over the next hour we are delighted with songs, banter and baguettes as the siblings squabble over who will clean the apartment and how Harry could possibly have spent all the grocery money on bird seed, which he swears he thought was a muesli bar.

Sydney Fringe Festival: Amphibious Duo - Old 505 Theatre, Sydney (07.09.14)

The dark rainy night created the perfect atmosphere for this intimate performance. Two musicians- a cellist and guitarist, play in the small intimate space where the music feels immensely close. This is Amphibious Duo, a sub duo of the usual quartet Amphibious (the other half featuring a sax/bass clarinet and drums).

Sydney Fringe Review: A Short Guide to Shakespeare - 5 Eliza, Sydney (06.09.14)

A Short Guide to Shakespeare is a delightfully comedic jaunt through the life and times of William Shakespeare.

the AU interview: The Strides (Sydney) talk Fringe, Pozible and their new album "One For One"

The Strides are moving onto interesting places with their latest album One For One giving some bouncy sounds for the good times that will envelop Sydney for their Fringe Festival later this month. Nick from The Strides answered a couple of questions for us at The AU Review.

Ten shows not to miss at Sydney Fringe Festival 2014

The Sydney Fringe Festival kicks off today and over the next month there’s a very long list of things to do. But, we’ve helped you out and cut through the list and picked the ten things you shouldn’t miss at 2014’s Sydney Fringe Festival. Here goes! (in no particular order)

Sydney Fringe Review: "Fringe Ignite: Heat The Street" ft. Lime Cordiale + All Our Exes Live in Texas - Crown Street (31.08.14)

The Sydney Fringe Festival has officially kicked off its 5th annual edition with their first ever street party in Surry Hills. Fringe Ignite: Heat The Streets saw bars and shopfronts on Crown Street transform into free entry pop-up music venues, while street musicians roamed and people danced. No one needed to close down the street, no one needed to set up a big stage and close down business in the area. From 4pm until 8pm earlier tonight, the Fringe introduced a new type of street party that we could - and should - see take over more hubs of our city.

Sydney Fringe Festival Theatre Review: William Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus - Cafe Church, Glebe (18.09.13)

Titus Andronicus is one of the lesser known plays of Shakespeare, and supposedly the first tragedy, so I was looking forward to seeing this play that I’d previously heard so little about. It was often given a bad rap up until the 20th Century, when more productions of it were begun, and with the Sydney Fringe Festival version utilising an all female cast, it had a bit of potential.

Sydney Fringe Festival Review: Camp Super Happy Sunshine Fun - Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (06.09.13)

Camp Super Happy Sunshine Fun is one of the more playfully interactive events of the Sydney Fringe Festival 2013 program.

Sydney Fringe Festival Comedy Review: How To Rate Your Music Collection in 36000 Easy Steps - UTS Loft Bar (19.09.13)

How To Rate Your Music Collection in 36,000 Easy Steps saw the Sydney Fringe Festival debut for three comedians who had previously shared a stage at the Mug & Kettle open mic night. This hour-long comedy show was a chance for the three men to practice and deliver their own individual routines. And what ensued was a pleasant enough night of amateur comedy.

Sydney Fringe Festival Theatre Review: Keira Daley vs. The 90s - Sound Lounge, Seymour Centre in Sydney (18.09.13)

Keira Daley is no stranger to the Sydney Fringe Festival stage. In 2011 she won the award for excellence for her show, LadyNerd. This year she is back with Keira Daley vs. The 90s where this self-confessed nerd embraces her own memories of being an awkward teenager and growing up during this time.

Sydney Fringe Festival Theatre Review: Jane Austen Is Dead - New Theatre, Sydney (16.09.13)

“It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife”. This is the first line from Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice and arguably where the one-woman, Sydney Fringe Festival show, Jane Austen Is Dead begins. The story is by an Austen devotee and like its contemporaries, Bridget Jones’s Diary and Amanda Hooton’s Finding Mr Darcy; it takes the pearls of wisdom from Austen herself and uses it to negotiate the often brutal, modern dating world.

Sydney Fringe Techno Film Showcase Review: Paris/Berlin: 20 Years of Underground Techno (France, 2012)

While electronic music is doing supremely well in Australia at the moment, we can’t say that it’s always been this way. We can only dream of regularly having warehouse parties and living up to techno hotspots Paris and Berlin. With links to the underground and drug scene, it’s no surprise that the mysterious depths of techno music have plenty of back stories. And Amelie Ravalec, 20 year-old Parisian filmmaker, has spent the past three years on research and production for her documentary film Paris/Berlin: 20 Years Of Underground Techno.