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Opinion: The end of the Big Day Out? Unlikely.

It's sad about the Big Day Out, but all these "RIP" posts on social media today, when the event is still owned by a company - albeit an American one - seems a bit premature.

Festival Review: Big Day Out - Arena Joondalup, Perth (02.02.14)

Big Day Out and Perth have had a pretty strained relationship in recent years, with venue changes, reduced line-ups and poor ticket sales. This year was no different, with Blur dropping out, and continued tensions between organisers and local councils prompting a last minute change in venues and the announcement by AJ Maddah that it would be the last time the event would come to Perth.

Photo Gallery: Big Day Out (Part Two) - Bonython Park, Adelaide (31.01.14)

The Hives

With so many bands they wouldn't fit in one gallery, here is Part Two of the Adelaide Big Day Out. Featuring main stage acts such as Tame Impala and The Hives plus many more.

Photo Gallery: Big Day Out (Part One) - Bonython Park, Adelaide (31.01.14)

Bo Ningen

The Big Day Out rolled in to Adelaide on its traditional last Friday in January on another scorching 40 degree day. With the decision to move away from the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds, many people were longing for the shade of the grandstand, but the new location proved easy to move around and a good size for the crowd on the day. The bands put on some fantastics sets, despite the heat and the crowd did a great job taking care of themselves and those around them, making it another fantastic Big Day Out in Adelaide. Hopefully there will be many more!

Big Day Out Photo Gallery: Arcade Fire - Bonython Park, Adelaide (31.01.14)

Arcade Fire

Many in the Big Day Out crowd braved the afternoon heat to secure a spot for Arcade Fire's set. They were wise to do so, as it was a glorious experience. Singing, Dancing, Paper Mache heads and Confetti. Their set had it all. I have no doubt that for many, this was the highlight of the day.

Big Day Out Photo Gallery: Pearl Jam - Bonython Park, Adelaide (31.01.14)

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam's first appearance at the Big Day Out saw them make the festival their own, closing it out with a magical 2.5 hour set. A great mix of old and new in the type of set you hope to see from any festival headliner. Pearl Jam are so sincere in what they do, after all this time you can see that they would not be doing this if their hearts weren't in it. A wonderful close to a long hot day.

Festival Review: Big Day Out - Bonython Park, Adelaide (31.01.14)

You know you're in for a hard time when you check the weather as you leave your house at 10am and it's already heading towards the 30 degree mark. No city does a summer heatwave quite like Adelaide, but if 2014 was going to be the last year the Big Day Out stopped by this area of the country, I didn't want to reflect on it sitting at home.

Live Review: Major Lazer + Flosstradamus - Enmore Theatre, Sydney (29.01.14)

January is an exciting time for any Aussie concert lover for quite a few reasons – one being Big Day Out and the inevitable swarm of sideshows that come with it. The insanely energetic Major Lazer live experience was perhaps the most tempting for those that love nothing more than one big, sweaty, dance party. Enmore Theatre’s poor floor was certainly shaken to the very core on this action-packed night, fans jumping around in one big collective rapture as the boundaries between dubstep, dancehall, trap, and electronica were crumbled into a mix of monstrous tunes – both their own and others.

the AU interview at Big Day Out: Sam Hales and Cesira Aitken of The Jungle Giants (Brisbane)

Larry sits down with Sam Hales and Cesira Aitken from The Jungle Giants to talk touring with the Big Day Out, their last record, the year ahead and much more...

Live Review: Arcade Fire + Diplo - Qantas Credit Union Arena, Sydney (28.01.14)

As the Sydney Entertainment Centre sees its name officially change to the Qantas Credit Union Arena (doesn't really have the same ring to it, does it?), the venue welcomes one of this year's Big Day Out headliners into the fairly esteemed company of bands who have played the venue. It marks the first time the band has played venues of this size in Australia and it also sees the venue show off a band at the top of their game, rather than a heritage act celebrating songs from decades ago. A rare treat in itself!

Feature: Pearl Jam's Big Day Out tour, from the perspective of a diehard fan and AU photographer.

To say Jennifer Sando is just a Pearl Jam fan is a slight understatement. The talented Adelaide-based (and AU review) photographer is behind the Picture In a Frame book, which showed her quest to photograph the iconic frontman, Eddie Vedder, himself. A beautifully composed collection of photographs and text detailing the journey wrapped up with the pièce de résistance, a pocket of time where Sando was finally able to meet and spend time with Vedder, resulting in the portrait she'd worked hard to get. Now, a few years on, Pearl Jam are back in the country for the Big Day Out with a stomper live show and a new album. Sando gives us an insight into her experience - having travelled to Melbourne purely to be reunited with the band, before they hit her hometown this coming weekend.

Live Review: Snoop Dogg + Mac Miller - Enmore Theatre (25.01.14)

*start rant* The best way to get a young generation to associate you with everything negative, completely tarnishing what you fight for in the eyes of thousands, is to poop their party. In this case, taking an artist many are excited to get the chance to see live, and petitioning to ban him from Australia. A member of Collective (or is it ‘Selective’?) Shout tried to do this and deservedly failed.

Live Review: Big Day Out - Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne (24.01.14)

There’s always something that punters can guarantee at the Big Day Out. Regardless of what the crowd is there for, whether it is the major headliners, the big bands on smaller stages, or just the general vibe of the festival, it’s a certainty that you will never quite know what to expect on the day. And the last thing that punters were expecting at the Melbourne Big Day Out... was rain.