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New Music Video: Joakim "Bring Your Love" (2014)

Joakim has dropped the video to accompany his lead single from his recent LP, Tropics of Love. The initial beat of ”Bring Your Love” is hella infectious, coated with effect-laden pangs and synths. The distant, wistful vocals of Luke Jenner of The Rapture are the perfect accompaniment to the lavish instrumentation and production.

the AU review at Future Music Festival: Gabriel Andruzzi of The Rapture (New York)

Backstage at the Future Music Festival in Sydney, Claire Knight catches up with Gabriel of The Rapture.

Live Review: Future Music Festival - Ellis Park, Adelaide (12.03.12)

The Future Music Festival, at least for the past few years, has been a decent way to wind up the festival season in Adelaide. Sure, the crowd is generally unfavourable to be around, but there’s usually a good line up of artists to balance the bad with the good. 2012’s festival was a different case altogether; I don’t think I’ve experienced a worse day of live music in a very long time.

Live Review: Future Music Festival 2012 - Randwick Race Course (10.03.12)

With perhaps their most diverse line-up yet, Future Entertainment have really given their all to this the 2012 edition of Future Music Festival – and it sure paid off.

Live Review: The Rapture - Metro Theatre (08.03.12)

As I sit in Los Angeles, on my way to SXSW, the Future Music Festival is making its way around Australia. Thankfully, just before I departed (in dates that continue), those in Sydney and Melbourne were provided with a plethora of sideshows to choose from. On Thursday night in Sydney, in advance of their appearance at Future, we were given Azari & III and The Rapture in one blockbuster showcase at the Metro Theatre.

Future Music Festival - Doomben Racecourse Brisbane (03.03.12)

Ah, Future Music: the festival that has grown to combine rock and roll with electronic acts. Since its inception, it has climbed the ranks to become one of the favourite festivals to tour the lengths of our fine country. But in a climate of vast supply, would the folks at Future Entertainment be able to again satisfy the scores of thousands of punters its pleased previously? Photos included after the jump.