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Photo Gallery: Motion City Soundtrack + The Away Game - The Gov, Adelaide (02.09.15)

Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack celebrated 10 years since the release of their album Commit This To Memory by playing it in full at The Gov in Adelaide on Wednesday night, supported by The Away Game. Kerrie Geier was there for the AU review.

the AU interview: Brendan Lukens of Modern Baseball (Philadelphia) talks social media, higher education and more!

Editor's Update: Not long after posting this interview, the band announced they would be cancelling their Australian tour. However, the interview remains here for your enjoyment. Please just ignore the dates at the end.

Social media has provided a myriad of new opportunities for today's band; from Facebook to Twitter, we see the music industry constantly evolving through the instant connection brought by the Internet. Enter Modern Baseball - a band who fuse together the genres of emo and pop punk, containing infectious guitar hooks and emotive lyrics which tamper on subjects of love and heartache. The band have successfully garnered a loyal fanbase and founding member and primary vocalist, Brendan Lukens had a lot to say about the band’s current achievements when I spoke to him ahead of their upcoming Australian tour.

Motion City Soundtrack Announce Australian and New Zealand Tour Dates

This August, Motion City Soundtrack will be hitting Aussie and New Zealand shores in celebration of the 10-year anniversary of their album Commit This To Memory. Released in 2005, Commit This To Memory went on to become an instant crowd favourite. The live show will see the album played in full alongside new material from the band's forthcoming album. Click through for venue and ticket details...

Album Review: Holy Pinto - Stenography (2015 EP)

British band, Holy Pinto provides a varying amount of musical influences. From the quirkiness of Say Anything to the poetic words of Death Cab For Cutie, this two-piece are the game changer of indie music. With their latest offering of Stenography, it is a short and sweet summation of their sharpness and attitude in their musicianship. Many will delight in this three-song sampler and you'll feel less of a freak knowing that it's possible that a band like this exist and that's pretty fucking cool.

Live Review: Motion City Soundtrack - Factory Theatre (28.02.13)

Tonight is was time for Motion City Soundtrack to have a turn at yet another Sydney Side-wave.

Photo Gallery: Motion City Soundtrack + The Early November + Deaf Havana - The Hifi Melbourne (25.02.13)

In yet another mammoth Sidewave to grace Melbourne stages this week, Motion City Soundtrack headlined a show at the Hi-Fi with The Early November and Deaf Havana in support. Perri Cassie brings us photos from the show.

the AU interview: Jesse Johnson from Motion City Soundtrack (USA)

Larry recently had the chance to sit down with Soundwave bound Motion City Soundtrack's Jesse Johnson, while he was at home in Brooklyn, to talk about playing the festival in the past, surviving Hurricane Sandy, writing on the road (and off), favourite records of 2012, plans for 2013 and more...

Album Review: Motion City Soundtrack - Making Moves Vol. 6 (2012 EP)

When I opened the link for Motion City Soundtrack's newest release Making Moves vol. 6, I was kind of convinced that I'd been sent the wrong site. I mean, there were only three songs. And for all I know, this is the completely wrong set of tracks that I'm reviewing, who knows? But here it is.

Motion City Soundtrack - Go (LP 2012)

motion city soundtrack

Go is the fifth record for U.S rockers Motion City Soundtrack and it's one of their more fulfilling albums to date. The band has found their sound and explored the depths of their talents to make a solid, mature record.

Album Release News Weekly: Friday 27 April 2012

A jam packed week with limited editions, tour editions, anniversary editions, new releases, EPs - everything you can think of. Some great new stuff from new artists locally and internationally; check out Little Buffalo and Cable 35 this week. The Madden twins announce an upcoming album project, a tour edition release from Kimbra, Motion City Soundtrack, Blur, Sampology and Hot Chip.

Heartbreak Club - Our Horse Is Dead (LP 2010)

Heartbreak Club - Our Horse Is Dead

Just when I was starting to think the world had forgotten all about sugary pop punk, this album lands on my doorstep. Sydney/Melbourne/Newcastle based power pop punksters Heartbreak Club have nailed the art of catchy hooks, geek rock sentiment and fun rock songs to find yourself walking down the street singing one of their tunes before you know it.