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Lana Del Rey releases new single "Music to Watch Boys To" (2015)

Lana Del Rey is getting ready to release her third album, Honeymoon this month, and Beats 1 have premiered what she herself has said is her favourite song from the project, "Music to Watch Boys to". The track is even dreamier than her previous singles; one big tender moment as Lana's otherworldly vocals melt into the production, repeating lines like "I like you a lot/So I do what you want" in a mesmerised state. Listen to the song below and get ready for Honeymoon on 18th September.

Listen to The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey duet on "Prisoner"

There was no way this collaboration was never not going to break the internet. The Weeknd has already ensured that his upcoming album Beauty Behind the Madness hits the pop world in a big way when it's released later this month, with some of the year's biggest hits helping establish his name around the world. The contemporary R&B artist made things even more interesting when he released the tracklist, instantly raising eyebrows with a listed duet that teams him up with none other than Lana Del Rey.

Lana Del Rey wields a rocket launcher in music video for "High by the Beach"

Lana Del Rey is going full understated action hero for her latest music video and single "High by the Beach" off her upcoming album Honeymoon. The breathy song has a punchier attitude than the album's title track, hypnotic and brash, not quite lending itself to the visuals Lana grabbing a rocket launcher out of a guitar case and shooting down a helicopter. But hey, no complaints here. Watch the video below.

Lana Del Rey releases dreamy six-minute single "Honeymoon"

Lana Del Rey is playing to her strengths on new single "Honeymoon", our first taste from her follow up to last year's excellent Ultraviolence. For six minutes Lana floats over a beautiful, blissful dreamscape of tender strings and snares, stretching those lush vocals for a super slow jam that's as poignant as anything she has made before.

New Music Video: Lana Del Rey "West Coast" (2014)

You can love her or hate her, but when Lana del Rey makes waves we're all going to get a little bit wet. Her genius for making yesterday's sounds feel completely new is in full play on "West Coast", which is another sumptuous and emotionally conflicted ballad from the gangster Nancy Sinatra. Though it's the first cut from her upcoming Ultraviolence, the record doesn't yet have a release date; she's keeping us hanging on that one.

Best of 2012 Countdown: Top 40 Albums - Part 3: 20-11

We continue our top 40 albums of 2012 countdown with the third part of our journey to the number one spot...

Live Review: Splendour In The Grass Day 2 (28.07.12)

Splendour In The Grass got off to a super muddy start for the second day, but this time, I was ready; prepared with some brand new boots after the Vans I had on the Friday were sacrificed to the vengeful festival god. It made walking into the Supertop to catch the breezy-indie pop stylings of Last Dinosaurs (pictured) easy, and it’s hard to think of a better soundtrack to wade through mud to than their whacked out cover of Modjo’s “Lady”.

The AU Monthly Review: July 2012

Already into the second half of the year and what a month it was!

1. Big Day Out 2013 line-up announcement

Photo Gallery: Lana Del Rey - Enmore Theatre (27.07.12)

Mikki Gomez hit up the Enmore Theatre in Sydney's hip Inner West, to shoot all of the musical action that is Lana Del Rey.

Live Review: Lana Del Rey + Oliver Tank - Enmore Theatre (27.07.12)

Live Review: Lana Del Rey and Oliver Tank Enmore Theatre

Between cancelled shows and contentious performances Lana Del Rey’s buzz has remained consistently high since the moment ‘Video Games’ was released and has placed her as one of the most bankable acts at this year’s Splendour In The Grass. As a sideshow to her Byron Bay appearance, Lana Del Rey took over the Enmore Theatre for the second night in a row.

Live Review: Lana Del Rey + Oliver Tank + Sarah Blaby- Palace Theatre, Melbourne (24.07.12)

Photo by Amelia Barnes

Infamous, mysterious, awkward, beautiful, fraudulent, talented - these are words used frequently to describe Lana Del Rey.

Photo Gallery: Spin Off Festival - Jubilee Pavilion, Royal Adelaide Showgrounds (21.07.12)

Spin Off Festival
Pictured: Lana Del Rey

Adelaide played host to a bunch of Splendour In The Grass artists at the Spin Off Festival over the weekend. Check out the photo gallery from the AU review photographer, Kerrie Geier.