Event Review: Armageddon Expo – Melbourne Showgrounds (19.10.13 to 20.10.13)

Armageddon Expo – when you hear the name, what does it conjure up in your mind? The book of revelation will tell you it’s the end of the world between good and evil. Going to this festival you will see it is full of characters that are portrayed as good and evil as well as movie, TV, comic, authors, painters, cars, rides, freebies and more.

Held in Auckland since 1995, Wellington since 2001 and Christchurch/Melbourne since 2007, Armageddon has had a long history, and a popular one.

There are many stores holding TONNES of items to buy. Its like one humungous consumable-fest, how on earth can you walk out and not buy anything is incredible. Purchases may include books on ‘How to cook children’ or ‘How to survive being a Zombie’. Truckloads of books/comics on The Walking Dead (TV series), Batman, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and Manga (and a gazillion more TV and movie options). Fancy a softy toy, hand bag or even a One Direction clock? Or maybe a zombie mug, poster, trading card, fun slippers, a corset, some artwork, novels, Spotted Dog Fudge, tee shirt, fake teeth or cool contact lenses or perhaps purchasing some unique artwork from artists or even buying a book and meeting the author. This expo covers it all and it’s for everyone. A hoarder nightmare or dream!? Maybe get your face painted? Learn about costume and make up, see a ‘real’ transformer and check out the Bumblebee Limousine – yikes, it’s amazing (and you can rent it out http://www.exoticlimo.com.au/)! You can play Quidditch, check out the Batmobile tribute car which is a replica to the 1960’s Batmobile – and whilst you are there, get a photo with the namesake. You can even pay a bit extra and have dinner with some of the stars. There are plenty of people in costume’s around to take a photo with so make sure you drink a tin of patience as you walk around and continually stop so photos can be taken – wait a minute, I can see Salacious B Crumb shying away from a photo, funny little creature.

I found the signage for the outside stages poor (as they weren’t on the map) and I had to ask staff for assistance, thankfully they knew the way, so I was on my way to hear some panels from some people who have been around a long time in television and movies. I concentrated on the Main Stage as I found there was no microphone at Stage 2 which made hearing the public’s questions very hard. My recommendation for the Main Stage is to sit on the left hand side of the room- the staff and security on the right hand side didn’t stop talking throughout the panel’s and their laugher and chatter was just annoying. I noticed people around me getting frustrated also.

The panels at the expo are fantastic, they allow anybody to get up to the microphone and ask a question to their adored one. Here are some choice questions and answers to a few of the celebrities I managed to see;

Evanna Lynch Panel – Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter

If you were an animalist (sic), what would you turn into?
A cat!

Who do you think would play Harry Potter thirty years ago?
Professor Terlini!

Who is your favourite casting member in Harry Potter?
A hard one here, Joesph Walker and Chris Allen

What would be your most embarrassing moment in a movie?
When you wear the clothes I wear, you go past being embarrassed. On set I felt comfortable the whole time. I could be Luna the whole time and this helped.

Has your perception of the book changed since you have been in the movie?
I had to separate the two so it wouldn’t change. The spells are better to read in books as we only see a stick or something and then the special effects are put in. Seeing the ideas on set made it more real. Reading for me is an escape though so I can separate the two.

What was the first thing you did when you got the role?
Homework!!! When I found out I got the part I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone for ten days. Can you imagine being fourteen and not telling people the biggest thing in your life?!a I found the best thing to do was immerse in homework and live a normal life. I did however take off stuff I’d said on social networks that I thought I’d be embarrassed about later on!

When you knew you got the role, what scenes were you most looking forward to?
It would have to be finding out who my Dad would be played by and the scenes with him. Also being able to explore Luna’s life and her outlook and put it to a movie.

What was it like working with Dan Radcliffe?
It was so great working with Dan. He is such a professional and has a great attitude. His attitude bled into the rest of the crew. I was so young at the time so it was fantastic.

What were your emotions like filming the last day ever?
We were a wreck. But it was a nice day. It was the scene in the courtyard with the good and bad guys. A group photo was taken and I thought it was not going to end. End of an era. *tears up*

What do you want to do in Australia whilst you are here?
Cuddle a koala!

Evanna is also asked to join the Australian Quidditch Association after the panel for a game. http://quidditch.org.au/

Supernatural Panel with Kim Rhodes, Rick Worthy, Mark Rolston and Ty Olsson

Rick explains he loved the script. After his first casting call he waited another eight months to find out he had the role. Ty says it’s hard obviously when you don’t get a part. Sometimes you expect the part and are let down. You must develop skills for this to get through this.

What would be your ultimate role to have?
Rick – Jimi Hendrix. I’ve wanted to play him for twenty years.
Ty – I’m always the lead guy in any book I read, hehe. I don’t think I could be a lead guy when someone has already done the role.
Mark – I’d stay with my role of Alastair. I loved playing the character. If I went off the script and improvised, it was okay which was great! But I guess the one role I’d like to take on is Wally the gangster from the US in the1950’s.

What is your favourite character from Supernatural
Kim – Jim Beaver. He could show up with a bag of flour and turn it into something great.
Ty – Jared Jenson. I work so well with him. He asks the right questions and is a leader
Rick – Jared Jenson also and the Director Guy Norman.
Mark – The character Ruby. Jared Jenson is great too. Most stars are down to earth, they’re pros at this!

Most awkward fan moment?
Mark – I got into a lift once with my baby. The doors opened and a lady came in, saw who I was and said “You’re THAT man and you have a child??” My baby started crying and the lady rang out of the lift as I was saying “I’m an actor!”
Rick – I was in a bathroom cubicle once, doing my business. When I got out a guy was just staring at me. I thought he must be a fan. The fan said “I love you in Battlestar Galactica” and held out his hand to shake it. I just got out of the toilet so, my hand was dirty and was a bit awkward. I washed my hands and left. The next day the man twittered me saying “I hope I didn’t weird you out”. I said “Yes, yes you did!”
Kim – Not many moments. Kids will ask me if I’m Zack and Cody’s mum and when I say I am they tend to say “no, you’re not!”. I say “well what do you want me to say!”

How do you like Australia
Rick – Love drinking the cider. I love going out and doing cool stuff. I’d love to work here.

If you had complete freedom to write, what would you do?
Mark – Get the bald demon to return. Bring Ruby back…..my imagination would go wild
Rick – Return as alpha man and see Eddie again. I also would change the Vampires. Vampires to me need to be terrifying, not all glittery and such.
Kim – I’ve got to do most of the stuff I’d want to do. Maybe Jodie can kick the shit out of Crowley!!

Billy Boyd Panel – Lord of The Rings
I managed front row for the hilarious Billy Boyd. Behind me, girls were ooh’ing and ahh’ing over his Scottish accent as he told stories and got us all laughing. Billy is one hilarious man. As he sits in the large red and gold throne, he tells us he feels rather superior. He also tells us he loves our breakfast’s. Australia is big on breakfast and he calls Melbourne the city of breakfast.

What advice would you give to actors who are starting out?
Do as much work as you can. Read a lot of plays and read Shakespeare. Really get involved about what a character is about in a show. Volunteer and do loads of extra work. It all helps.

Would you consider doing a LOTR convention?
I am! I’m here! So just LOTR? Yes I would. I can ask them and let you know!

Who is your favourite character to work with?
Dominic Monaghan! We have loads of mischief together. Once we built a time machine – called The Tardis! Haha, We went back into the past and got rid of Justin Bieber who was going to play Frodo and we allowed Elijah Wood get the part instead! haha

What is your main influence from pop culture?
There are loads here (Billy tells us a few now and shouts some throughout the session when he thinks of them). Star Wars – wanted to be a Jedi and use a hover board. Land of the Giants, The Tomorrow People. Blake 7 and Flash.

What is your fondest memory in LOTR?
You hear that when people shoot a movie they all get along. But that is what really happened, everyone got along. When I was young I made swords and shields from polystyrene over summer and each day I’d wake up and look forward to playing with my friends. Working on LOTR was like that, waking up every day with excitement.

Did you miss your Hobbit feet once shooting had finished?
NO! I didn’t like wearing them at all. When I first got my feet, they were too small and at each break I would release my big toe for a few moments. They were also very cold in the snow.

What is your favourite Beecake song? (Beecake is the name of Boyd’s band)
We have a new album out soon and I enjoy all of them but one that stands out is one about a friend of mine who lost his fourteen year old daughter to cancer. It was recorded in one day straight. Pulled the guitar out and sang straight through and it’s the best version.

Tell us about some frustrating scenes
One scene, where the Hobbits say goodbye to Frodo, had to be taken a few times. The first time Sean Astin (Sam Samwise Gamgee) forgot to put his waist coat back on so they had to film it all again. The second time the scene was shot out of focus so we had to film it again. It was meant to be a sad scene but after a few takes it was like “just bugger off Frodo!”

If you came to the expo today dressed in a costume, what would you wear?
Dom invited me to a party once; we dressed up as Batman and Robin. We looked great, I was Batman. We get to the party and I find out it’s not a party, its the Prom! So, I think I’d have another crack at wearing that outfit again.

Did you get to take anything from the LOTR set?
I took feet, bag of ears which I actually gave away to many people who were fans. I kept for myself the bag that has Pippin’s name on it, the clapper board from the final scene and a sword.

What was it like working with Christopher Lee?
He is amazing. I was so lucky he was in our dressing room. So when we were all getting our make up done, he would tell us stories and play heavy metal music! Can you believe that!

What is your favourite scene in LOTR?
Forging of the fellowship

Temuera Morrison – known for Once Were Warriors, Jango Fett, Barb Wire, Green Lantern

Temuera Morrison opened the panel with a song. What a glorious voice. He spoke about starting out playing a doctor in Shortland Street (TV series in NZ) and getting a break in Once Were Warriors (OWW) and what a passionate man he is. I was stoked to see Temuera live as OWW impacted on me as it was such a harsh movie, made so well and told with passion. OWW opened doors for him in Hollywood although it was hard getting casting calls with a New Zealand accent. Australians can do the American accent a lot better. He worked with Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire and worked with Marlon Brando in The Island of Dr Moreau. He is currently working on a reality TV show in NZ and he from what he says, he like horse racing!

How did you get the job in Once Were Warriors?
I was in LA and I got a letter from a casting agent wanting to meet me. I met with her and we had a friendly chat for a while. But it was months later I got the part.

What was it like, emotionally, to film Once Were Warriors?
Rena Owen (Wife in OWW and in real life) was a well of emotion to draw from. A real professional. She’ll tell me off to get in the zone. I had gone from working as the Doctor in a soap before this which was different acting. OWW was emotionally draining for Rena with long tiring days. I drew on my Hakka background for energy- I did the Hakka to myself before filming to work myself up and I held that energy.

Have you ever said no to a part before?
No. But I’ve never been in the position to say no. In Vertical Limits I thought I was going for the lead role as Peter Garrett and I got the role of Major Rasul. I’ve only said no to commercials that were a bit silly, they wanted me to be a doctor again to advertise something. I have auditioned for many parts but didn’t get them due to the Kiwi accent. My agent told me that what is big in Hollywood at the moment are Australian female actors. If you want to be an actor, take any opportunity and keep inspiring yourselves.

Temuera ends his panel with a Hakka and I was blown away. You just can’t take your eyes off him. He is a fantastic speaker and an interesting story teller.

Corey Feldman – The Goonies, The Lost Boys, Stand By Me, Dream A Little Dream, Gremlins, The Burbs and more

Corey came through from behind the audience, filming us on his camera as he walked through the middle aisle between the seats. Dressed in a cool egotistical jacket with studs, a red shirt and black pants with black loafers, he looked like Michael Jackson’s brother (and I liked it!). Corey starts the session telling us about the story of how his jacket “with its ego” was stolen one night and eventually found. Read it here as it’s a long story http://www.inquisitr.com/681748/corey-feldman-gets-his-stolen-100000-jacket-back/ Underneath the red shirt he wore a tee shirt that fans made for him which said ‘reward for lost jacket!’

Would you play Tommy Jarvis again in Friday the 13th movie?
Well its funny you should ask. I am currently pitching a campaign to do Friday the 13th part 13, Jarvis vs. Jason!

What is your favourite movie so far to be a part of?
The Goonies. We were kids making this cool movie with pirate ships and other cool items. Due to this I met actors such as Harrison Ford, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Dan Akroyd and more.

Has it been hard getting around for every day life?
Sometimes it’s tough. I’ve had a difficult but great life. Great experiences but hard experiences. Being a child star deprives one of a life path such as school, graduating but hey, I’m not complaining. I ultimately never had the choice as I was three years old and working as an actor and I feel that path was set for me.

What film did you want to be in when you were younger?
Star Wars, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Indiana Jones and The Wizard of Oz.

Corey tells us he’s never met Stephen King (who wrote the book Stand By Me) and that he is still friends with many of the actors from The Goonies. Corey says he wishes River Phoenix was still alive as he was great to work with, a vegetarian, an activist and all round great guy. Corey’s favourite movie with Corey Haim is Dream A Little Dream and a part he’d like to play in the future is to be Hans Solo’s son (I think there is a common theme with actors and Star Wars!). His favourite Hollywood person is Paul McCartney as he is still rocking after a three hour show. Corey loves and honours the fact that Stand By Me is studied at school. He recognises it has touched many lives and many fans speak about how it helped them through life, from young to older generation. Corey will be a new turtle character in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when it comes out, a part that was made for him, a turtle called Slash.
He ends the session saying things are steaming up for him with an autobiography coming out end of the year, his new album coming out titled ‘Angelic to the Core’ and there is even talk of a show called Corey’s Angels.

Matt Melvin Cyanide and Happiness cartoons/animation
Cyanide and Happiness is a webcomic written and illustrated by Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Matt Melvin and Dave McElfatrick. The webcomic is published on their website www.explosm.net which started back in 2004. They are simple cartoons with controversial humour.

Matt tells us they put it out there to raise $250,000 to produce the cartoons but they got a staggering $7000,000 which was thanks to the public. The boys were amazed. To get the comic ideas the four of them Skype weekly (they live in different locations) and put ideas out there to use. It all started with the four of them doing jokes as a hobby and now it’s a company.
Matt loves Australia, loves a tim tam and a eat pie but isn’t game to try Vegemite.

Do you get much flack or complaints?
Yes! We need to handle the joke well, especially bad content. It needs to be worth it. These days it seems people are getting used to the humour. We used to get a bit of hate mail. But there are two sides to say a cancer joke. The people who have the cancer thank us for giving them a laugh whereas the friend of the person who has cancer gets upset. Religion is the worst subject to do. In the end, people pick and choose what they’re touchy about.

How do you come up with new ideas?
Most of the stuff you see we’ve been sitting on for years. After we’ve done these the coming up with ideas is okay. We make news ideas on Skype now but before that we used MSN messenger.

What does your family think of what you do?
They tell me that they’re proud of me so I assume they’ve seen all the good and bad animations.

What comic’s inspire you?
I love Life in Hell (Matt Groening) which got me going to the library and Gary Larson. Initially I didn’t get the urge to do cartoons. But humour in a good way to deal with things, this is part of the reason why cyanide and happiness works.

What is the reason behind the simplicity of the drawings?
Originally we used stick figures to start the process then the way they are now just fell into itself. I am a minimalist so it makes sense!

Armageddon Expo is THE two day event run by fans for fans with something for everyone.



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