Resort Review: Baba Beach Club in Phuket is a hidden treasure of fun and luxury for music lovers (Thailand)

  • Holly Terrens
  • December 20, 2018
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Heading north from Phuket International Airport, the streets are lined with small fields of trees that turn into the haphazard, yet charming landscape of colourful houses, tin sheds, food stalls and businesses that make up the region. There, amongst the colourful and natural landscape, appears the vividly pink Baba Beach Club sign. Its presence evocative of balloons on a street corner as a kid being driven to a birthday party, albeit much classier. Following the signs direction and continuing down a quiet and straight street, the hotel appears almost unassumingly, as the resort space is divided into two by the road.

Inside, the decor is breathtakingly opulent and chic, yet the vibe is completely fun and relaxed. I was escorted to my home for the night, the 145 square metre Gabana Villa. ‘There are three modes’ my butler tells me, demonstrating the lighting settings. ‘Welcome, chill, and sexy’. A small Marshall amplifier sits atop a light blue vase against the wall. This indeed is a resort for music lovers.

The open island kitchen is stocked with complimentary ice-cream sticks, two-minute noodles and kit-kats – perhaps the perfect snacks to enjoy whilst playing a game of wooden Jenga, provided in a stylish Baba Beach Club branded case on the table in front of the L-shaped comfortable and spacious couch. The room offers immediate access to the pool, with a quaint, immaculate courtyard out the front. There’s the option of full or semi privacy with black out curtains covering the high windows, or guests can opt to open up the space completely, absorbing the good vibes and fresh ocean air.

As the butler leads me up the stairs, opening the lockable door to the top floor of the two-story villa, the facilities I am met with are nothing short of luxury. A huge oval bathtub, a self lid-opening and flushing toilet, spacious shower set behind the king sized bed and small desk. At the window sill, a spacious nook with a comfortable couch.

The views are even better than downstairs as the ocean is now in sight behind trees and the rest of the stunning resort. The Bose audio system next to the television is a main feature of the room accompanied by the in room IPod filled with playlists for every time and mood. Alternatively, the guest can use their own device, making use of the superior quality speakers.

“Let me know if you’d like me to draw you a bubble bath” my butler lets me know as she steps outside, informing me that turn down service will be at 6:30pm, and indicated to move the ‘awake fish’ picture to the ‘sleeping fish’ picture on the wall over if I didn’t want to be disturbed.

The decor is vibrant throughout the resort, but arguably, the blend of the iconic Chino-Portuguese of Phuket combined with the colourful themes of Shanghai Tang are truly showcased at the Baba Beach Restaurant, with its vivid colour palette and rustic pieces. The restaurant serves up an eclectic selection of international cuisine, as well as boasting quite an extensive menu of Vegan and Gluten Free options.¬†Impressively, the kitchen has also recently started growing their own herbs such as basil and rocket, with vegetables currently growing too. Combining a classy, relaxed dinner playlist with comfortable rocking chairs and table overlooking the pool and Andaman Sea, it’s easy to feel as though one is the lead character in a Hollywood blockbuster. The pool bar is equally impressive with barstools inside the pool, just metres from the beach.

Each corner of the hotel is fitted out with the powerful Funktion One Sound System, dubbed the most powerful sound system in Asia. Its presence at the hotel is both amazingly discreet and aesthetically pleasing, as it blends into the decor. The music co-exists perfectly with the sound of the sea breeze, somehow always set to a perfect volume.

With so many instagram opportunities, the resort begs to be explored. In between the pool and beach is fresh soft grass, followed by perfectly raked sand with lounge chairs and trees, creating the perfect combination of beach viewing and shade (I highly recommend watching the sun set from this spot). The beach front connects the five-room villas on each side of the resort with the gym and spa facilities. No detail is left unnoticed, leading up to the gym and spa from the beach is a whimsical leafy path filled with purple flowers, a swing and a hammock.

Baba Beach Club gets it right in so many ways. It’s upbeat but tranquil, elegant with zero pretentiousness. It’s by no means a resort simply for EDM lovers, music to fit every taste is included in the playlists, and such attention is taken in creating the right mood and vibe that, like watching a movie a friend recommended, it must be experienced to be fully understood. The location is truly breathtaking, especially for those wanting to enjoy the natural beauty of Thailand without the hectic traffic and noise that often accompanies the busy tourist spots.

Unlike many areas of Phuket where crossing the street requires taking a deep breath and running as fast as possible, the area surrounding the hotel runs parallel to the beach and is perfect for a pleasant stroll. There is no hectic traffic here. The nearest town Khok Kloi is a ten minute drive away and serves as a good option for those wanting to check out local eateries and explore the friendly town. For the more adventurous continuing on their journey, Khok Kloi bus terminal is also close by, connecting Phang Nga as far north as Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Having said that, it’s highly likely that once you arrive at Baba Beach Club, you won’t want to go anywhere else! And with everything you need provided for you with ease and a smile, why would you?


Baba Beach Club Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Hotel by Sri panwa

Address: 88 Moo 5, North of Phuket ,Natai Beach, Thailand, Takua Thung, Khok Kloi, Phang Nga 82140, Thailand

Official Website:

The writer stayed as a guest of the resort for one night. The photos have been supplied.