Every single room at every single QT Hotel is now powered by high-end Dyson technology

QT hotels dyson

There are a few less obvious markers that always separate a quality hotel from an average one. We aren’t talking about an overarching design, plush beds or high-end hotel restaurants – although they do all help of course. Quite often the magic is found in the smaller details. And those smaller details – well, they’re usually in the bathroom.

If you’re a frequent staycationer, you should already know by now that a hotel’s taste can be almost entirely ascertained by what you find in front of the mirror.

A premium brand of bathroom amenities like KEVIN.MURPHY or Hunter Lab are obvious indicators of a hotel that actually cares about their guests. Though very rarely would these premium bathroom amenities be complemented by additional tools to help you look and feel like your best self. And isn’t that what a true hotel staycation is all about anyway? You leave that hotel room a better version of yourself; you’ve been given the space and freedom necessary to not only take you out of the daily grind for a time but restore, refresh and rejuvenate.

QT Hotels & Resorts is tapping into that idea of a truly transformative stay by giving every single guest the tools they need for a glow-up before having a big night, whether that’s just staying in at the hotel bar or heading out to explore the city.

Thanks to a fancy new partnership with Dyson, each and every room at each and every QT Hotel now has one of those high-end Dyson Supersonic hairdryers. If you’ve nabbed a suite, you’ll also get a Dyson Corrale straightener in the bathroom or on request.

Considering QT has long been considered the most stylish hotel brand in Australia and New Zealand, the hotel group hooking up with Dyson, a brand known for game-changing technology, couldn’t make more sense. Beauty and grooming should be considered integral parts to the hotel experience, but quite often even some of the world’s most luxurious brands seem to think a high-end spa would take care of all the requisites.

A high-end spa, mind you, where treatment often costs just as much as the room itself.

QT is being exceedingly generous here, giving you the tools to bring some of the spa experience to the room so you’re heading out for a night on the town with confidence. The partnership, which is now in effect, even includes Dyson instruction styling available in-room for all guests to maximise their use of the Dyson Supersonic or Dyson Coralle.

With the full suite of Dyson products available for QT guests, anyone can also request a Dyson purifier in case they want to take care of any specific allergies while they’re in the room. You may even notice that housekeeping now uses Dyson Outsize Absolute Extra cordless vacuums, which should easily translate to speedier cleaning hence making the entire experience run more efficiently.

“At QT, we want to make the ordinary, extraordinary,” said QT Hotels & Resorts Director or Brand, Danelle Ayers. “The QT and Dyson collaboration certainly delivers on this [and] introducing Dyson Supersonic hair dryers as a brand standard elevates our QT in-room offering and ensures a highly sought-after signature service experience is available to each guest.”

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