This Melbourne bakery is doing loaded brownies with nationwide delivery

Melbourne’s three-store Goldeluck’s bakeshop has been caking itself in e-commerce for a few months now, delivering “survival boxes” with pastries and doughnuts around the areas of Lakeview, Eastland and Croydon. Now, the bakery has made an ambitious online jump to nationwide deliveries, with a limited menu that includes dessert boxes packed with loaded brownies and a giant cookie cakes.

Owner and founder Phillip Kuoch has been planning this one for awhile, stating that even though his small business is best known for doughnuts, he’d like to introduce Australia to more of the baked desserts range.

And from the looks of things, Australia would also very much like to meet this baked dessert range.

Although with restrictions, the physical sales across all three stores dropped 50%, online business for Goldeluck’s has shot up by 1400% (April 30th) in just one month. And that’s unsurprising, seeing as people tend to send over dessert boxes to their loved ones in place of actually being able to physically visit and celebrate special occasions.

The online delivery options will include the aforementioned, as well as doughnut boxes and bouquets, but we’re guessing the loaded brownies are going to be the most popular. There’s even a chocolate pastry in the shape of a dick called “big dick energy” (although that’s still tagged as Melbourne-only delivery).

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Chris Singh

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