QT Sydney is bringing back their vintage negroni fountain for your best aperitif session

In an ideal world, knocking back the greatest apertivo known to humankind, the humble and dependable negroni, would be an everyday, forever kind of thing. For a fortunate few, it is, but most barely have enough time to sit down and revisit the handsome cocktail on the regular. That should change, and the eternally playful folk at QT Sydney certainly agree. In fact, they agree so much that they want to shower guests in the stuff.

Before you get all excited and think they’ve snuck negroni into the water system, let me tell you that those slightly obscene fantasies of negroni showers are going to have to wait until society has reached a true state of enlightenment. What QT Sydney are doing is a little less dramatic – they’ve brought back their super popular Negroni Fountain.

QT Sydney’s street-level Italian eatery, Parlour Cucina, will be welcoming back Campari and their Red Passion campaign with the hotel’s unique and energetic way of doing things. Every Thursday from 20th May through to 10th June, the space will be throwing up some vintage Italian celebrations, with said Negroni Fountain as well as saxophone and DJ sets, contemporary art, and more.

The crimson fountain is served in a 19th century style vessel to sync with Parlour Cucina’s theatrical frame. Inside will be a whole heap of Negroni built with Bulldog Gin, Cinzano 1957 Rosso Vermouth, and Campari with a hint of Braulio Amaro and some of those requisite orange wheels.

“I am thrilled to launch this new chapter of Campari in collaboration with QT Sydney, in Parlour Cucina,” said Marketing Director of Campari Australia, Paolo Marinoni. “It’s important that our home of Red Passion here in Australia is here with a partner who is in tune with the creative zeitgeist and holds the same passion.”

The Negroni Fountains will only be available at QT Sydney’s Parlour Cucina on a first come, first served basis between the dates mentioned above. And only on Thursdays. Each fountain is priced at $60 each and includes enough juice for four negronis.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is the Deputy Editor of the AU review and a freelance travel writer. You can reach him on Instagram by following @chrisdsingh.

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