Darlinghurst barber shop UNOIT is an ambitious play for grooming in Sydney

Sydney has some incredible high-concept barber shops for when you need that necessary touch-up, or complete remodel, but the city has never seen anything like “UNOIT” before.

Positioned between a wine shop and a gym, where Crown meets William at the edge of Darlinghurst, this ambitious, newly opened unisex barber shop is the brainchild of industry professionals Costa Zacharia and Jessica Ross, and is already making quite a splash on the scene.

Combining a classic barber shop with men’s and women’s beauty services sounds like a messy venture, but UNOIT is as clean and decluttered as they come. The beautiful lighting and pristine white glow of the space sticks out when set against the more drab side of Crown Street, all relentlessly neat and tidy with top-tier products on full display and an attractive honeycomb pattern on one side of the distinctively two-side space. Importantly, stepping inside feels like a welcome disconnect from the usual inner-city haunt – straight into a relaxing world of indulgence and pampering.

At least that’s the effect Zacharia and Ross are going for. And I think they’ve nailed the dual barber-and-beauty approach.

The barber side of the shop, with its own menu of clean-cut cocktail classics and generously spaced, exceedingly comfortable chairs, is brilliantly designed. As for the skill on display – there’s no question. Zacharia is well-known for his years of experience working in and leading high-end barbershops across the east coast. The products used are also not to be downplayed; UNOIT maintains a partnership with Australian brand Aspect, and also has a prominent display of products from men’s grooming brand Depot. Similar attention is obviously given to the equipment used, so I’d say your grooming is in very good hands.

“We wanted to re-invent the barber and beauty experience – combining expert style and attention to detail with a little extra pampering”, said Zacharia in a press release. “We are there for clients who want a regular spot for a quick tidy up, just as much as we are there for those who want to take their time or experiment with new styles, colour services, keratin smoothing and even shiatsu massage hair detox.”

Yes, he said shiatsu massage hair detox, and considering my brief time there, I have zero doubts that it’s a service well worth travelling for. The massage chairs that Zacharia has up back are pure magic for those getting a quick shampoo – like I did just recently. Cap that off with a hot towel shave and consider yourself officially relaxed.

Ross’ involvement brings a focus on industry-leading technology and the latest in clinic beauty treatments, offering a wide range of services on the other side of space, where one can indulge in the likes of laser redness reduction, dermal/skin needling, peptide infusion masks, face and body vein removal, custom peels, laser hair removal, cosmetic injecting and all. UNOIT is clearly focused on being a one-stop for hair and beauty, without the overly clinical aesthetic many of these studios are weighed down by.

Importantly, the place feels welcoming enough that its easy to feel confident in forgoing the “usual” and opting for something new.

There also seems to be quite a bit of value in the specialist packages that UNOIT offers. Take the Boss Experience for example. The $299 package spans UNOIT’s signature barber services, including a men’s haircut, deluxe cut-throat shave, mini facial, that aforementioned shiatsu massage shampoo and hair detox with a scalp and neck massage, and a made-to-measure custom tailored shirt from Oscar Hunt. Given one of those high-end custom shirts from Oscar Hunt would easily run towards $300 anyway, that’s an absolute steal.

unoit.com.au | Shop 3/99-101 Crown St, Darlinghurst

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is an Editor-At-Large at the AU review, loves writing about travel and hospitality, and is partial to a perfectly textured octopus. You can reach him on Instagram: @chrisdsingh.