Samsung seek domestic dominance with slick dry-cleaning AirDresser

Samsung has officially brought its intriguing AirDresser to Australia. It’s a fancy (and expensive) clothing-care device which arrives with considerable acclaim behind it, having clocked the Gold Award for Product Design at the International Forum Design Awards, and is basically a small and slim wardrobe that keeps your clothes in top shape between washes.

Stylish and design-forward, the AirDresser has been designed as a seamless and highly functional necessity for the modern smart home. It uses the company’s signature Jet Air technology and specialised Air Hangers to blast powerful air through clothing – three at a time – to help loosen and sanitise between washes, while also removing germs, allergens and dust.

The idea is that the device removes dust and most odours caused by sweat, tobacco, cooking and dry cleaning, ensuring those wardrobe staples stay in pristine shape for when you finally want to change out of those trousers you’ve worn since lockdown began.

This will be particularly handy right now, reducing the need to go out and pay for dry-cleaning.

“With AirDresser, we’re helping Australians to quickly and easily refresh and care for their clothes while also enjoying the peace of mind that comes with the elimination of dust and odours”, said Jeremy Senior, Head of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Australia. “hether due to issues of poor air quality or a heightened awareness of everyday hygiene measures, people are more conscious of the spread of odours and germs than ever before, which is why AirDresser is so relevant to many Australians”.

The whole system makes use of high-temp steam that is said to permeate deep into the fabric and sanitise garments thoroughly. It also uses Heatpump Drying to gently dry the clothes and a low temp while minimising heat damage and shrinkage. The steam and air should also smooth out any wrinkles to save you plenty of time on ironing. When the door is left open, a de-humidification cycle draws in and extracts moisture from the air, then expels dry air thus removing excess moisture, helping to prevent mould growing that could damage clothes.

The device also uses AI to advise users which optimal cycle to use for various fabrics, also informing of any specialist cycles via a connection smartphone app.

For more information on how it works head on over to Samsung.

The Samsung AirDresser is now available in Australia for a RRP of A$3,999.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is the Deputy Editor of the AU review and a freelance travel writer. You can reach him on Instagram by following @chrisdsingh.