Rob Johnson

Theatre Review: Virginia Gay’s Calamity Jane is knee-slappingly funny (at the Hayes Theatre until 9 April)

A new take on a theatrical classic makes this Calamity Jane a must-see. And the classic I’m referring to is not the musical – it’s the oft ridiculed theatrical style of ‘Broadway dinner theatre’. Everything bar the meal is here: interactions with the audience, contemporary references (insert Trump joke here), entrances and exits through the…

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Rob Johnson on the hardboiled genre & tap sequences of The Detective’s Handbook (Hayes Theatre from April 21)

Set in the Chicago 1950s The Detective’s Handbook follows Frank Thompson and his young partner Jimmy Hartmann as they investigate the murder of two policemen. Rob Johnson plays Hartmann, a new recruit determined to do it “by the book” who clashes hilariously with the world-weary Thompson. We caught up with Rob during rehearsals to find…

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