Oren Shai

Director Oren Shai talks about his directorial debut The Frontier, film noir history and advice for new directors

November 12, 2016

Following our review of the film last week, we sat down with US Director Oren Shai to talk about his directorial debut The Frontier, as we delve into the history of the film noir genre, and ask his advice for other first time directors. What attracted you to the film noir genre as a filmmaker? […]

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Film Review: The Frontier (USA, 2016) serves as a striking calling card for its director Oren Shai

November 4, 2016

I hate to admit that I do not really know a lot about classical film noir, despite watching many films in the neo-noir genre like Brick, Sin City and of course, Veronica Mars. But what I do know are some of the main tropes of film noir: the femme fatale, the dirty cop and the […]

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