Mad Max: Savage Road

E3 2015: “Eye of the Storm” epic new story trailer for Mad Max: Savage Road released

Today at E3, a brand new story trailer dubbed “Eye of the Storm” for Mad Max: Savage Road has been released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Avalanche Studios. Click through to watch the trailer in full… The trailer follows Scrotus, the Wasteland tyrant, who Max has to defeat as he tries to construct the…

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The latest trailer for Mad Max: Savage Road has cars, guns, gibs and explosions

Avalanche Studios have released the next trailer for their upcoming action survival title Mad Max: Savage Road. The trailer focuses more on the game’s story, but there’s a few morsels of vehicle and fighting gameplay in there that look particularly tasty. The trailer sees Max in trouble once again, beaten, left for dead and his…

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