Interview: Tracy Letts on how he prepared for ‘that’ eighteen minute argument in Indignation

When this year is said and done, one of the standouts in cinema won’t be a film full of physical action and visual fantasy, it will be a quiet project; the first film adaptation of a Phillip Roth novel since 1969’s Goodbye, Colombus that’s actually any good. James Schamus’ Indignation is a brilliant film about…

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Film Review: Indignation (USA, 2016) is a coming-of-age drama packed with substance

If all was right in the highly politicised world of award shows, Logan Lerman would be looking at a good upcoming season, seeing as his performance as Marcus Messner in James Schamus’ Indignation will be almost impossible to overlook. The Cold War-era film is an adaptation of Philip Roth’s period novel of the same name,…

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