Eugenia Flynn

Book Review: Hello Keanu! is a poetic love letter to everyones favourite Hollywood icon

“Here, one man becomes a multiplicity. Here, the star is both indie and a block, busting.” – Scott-Patrick Mitchell, “Hello Keanu” Canadian actor Keanu Reeves has captured hearts around the globe with his thrilling action blockbusters on screen and genuine affable nature off-screen.¬†Hello Keanu! is a quirky love-letter to the actor from the contemporary poets…

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Book Review: #MeToo: Stories from the Australian Movement is a strong anthology from a diverse choir of voices

In October 2017 when the hashtag #MeToo went viral, a lot of the popularity was chalked up to some rich, white celebrities speaking out. What these media reports failed to acknowledge however was that the movement’s true founder was Tarana Burke. This new anthology, #MeToo: Stories from the Australian Movement, is broadens #MeToo’s scope, whilst…

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