Aaron Tsindos

Sir Matthew Bourne’s Lord of the Flies set for exclusive Melbourne run in 2017

Making its Australian première at Arts Centre Melbourne in 2017, Sir Matthew Bourne‘s adaptation of William Golding’s classic Lord of the Flies will see up to 24 Victorian men and boys invited to workshops designed by the renowned choreographers’ team, with the possibility of performing in the production next April. Sir Matthew’s adaptation of Lord of the Flies…

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Theatre Review: A Man With Five Children, Eternity Playhouse, Sydney (performances until June 26)

Filmmaker Gerry (Jeremy Waters) wants your children. More specifically, he wants to document the lives of five seven-year-old Australians, filming them for one day each year until they are 21. They are Roger (Jemwel Danao), Jessie (Chenoa Deemal), Susannah (Charlotte Hazzard), Zoe (Jody Kennedy) and Cameron (Taylor Wiese). We watch this unfold across two acts,…

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