Track of the Day: Serina Pech “Please Go Lightly” (2020)

Serina Pech

Earlier this month Northern Territory singer-songwriter Serina Pech released her latest EP Politics. Her first full length release, Politics has been four years in the making, and comes from a place of reflection and experience. The piano ballad, “Please Go Lightly”, is the EP’s sublime emotional centrepiece. A beautiful cry for help and understanding in times of trouble. It’s another song that’s suddenly finding itself all the more pertinent in recent weeks. 

“Please Go Lightly” is undeniably beautiful. Sparse and plaintive, its power comes from Pech’s ethereal and stunning vocal performance. Nothing tugs on the heartstrings more it seems than a beautiful voice set to piano. There’s a vulnerability and openness to the track that is quite endearing, especially in a world so often dominated by bluff and bravado. 

According to Pech, the EP is a “reflection of this new world we are now forcibly adapting to, new social dynamics, new government policies, new leadership, new technology, the “politics” of world change.” Further to that, Pech hopes the EP will serve as “encouragement to ask your own questions without fear” and “to be comfortable in knowing the answers forged in your own sense of worth, value and truth in times of adjustment and uncomfortability.” Whatever it is you take from listening to Politics, it certainly remains a stirring, resonant and beautiful body of work. Each of Politics seven tracks have something to capture and hold your attention.

Stream “Please Go Lightly” below:

“Please Go Lightly” and Politics are available now. Grab a copy via Bandcamp HERE. You can also keep up to date with Serina Pech through Facebook and Instagram.

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