Track of the Day: Jack Davies and the Bush Chooks “Half Frozen Beer” (2020)

Jack Davies

Fremantle folksters Jack Davies and the Bush Chooks have dropped their first release of 2020. “Half Frozen Beer”, is the first track from a forthcoming EP, and caps off a busy and impressive 2019.

“Half Frozen Beer” starts slow. But, quickly evolves into a rollicking good time. It’s got that foot-stomping, feel good vibe so prescient in Americana. But, delivered instead with a wonderfully idiosyncratic Australian drawl. According to Davies and his Bush Chooks, the EP from which “Half Frozen Beer” is drawn from will be “a collection of varied moods, sounds and stories”. But, there is still a lot to love here, in what is a more light-hearted moment.

Instrumentally, it’s kept tight until the latter half, when the band are let loose to have a bit of fun. It reminds me a lot of early Felice Brothers, there at the end. Raw, loose, and the kind of song you know will get a crowd engaged when it’s wheeled out live.

Davies’ songwriting is, for me, consistently of a high quality. It can often be quite lighthearted and whimsical on the face of it. But, often when you give it a few listens, you’ll notice just how topical and incisive it can be. Case in point, “Vegemite Sandwich”, “Rosemary Mushrooms” and “Prime Minister”. The latter of course being more overt in it getting the point across.

I can’t wait to hear that new EP, but until then chuck “Half Frozen Beer” a listen or two.

“Half Frozen Beer” is available now. You can keep up to date with Jack Davies via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Header Photo: Annie Harvey

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