Track of the Day: Hudson Thames “Last Call” (2018)

Catchy, vibrant and with a chorus that’ll have you singing at the top of your lungs, Hudson Thames‘ new single, “Last Call”, is the contemporary pop anthem that everyone has been waiting for. With a Billy Joel-esque piano intro dripping in nostalgia, friendship and darn good times, this song will have you reaching for a drink, reaching for your friends and living it up until the final call.

Thames is no stranger to the mainstream pop airwaves. His track “How I Want Ya” featuring Hailee Steinfield racked up over 23 million streams on Spotify, whilst the Davin remix blitzed 20 million. If that wasn’t enough, he also packed out rooms on his first national tour. This is no overnight success story, Thames has quietly been positioning himself as one to watch for a couple of years now. Any strangers to Hudson Thames are in for a brilliant and welcoming surprise with “Last Call” – a not so subtle nod to rolling something, drinking something, and powering through until the end of the night.

There is an authentic touch to the lyrics of “Last Call”, which is brilliantly enhanced by his unique and commanding voice. Produced by GRAMMY winning composer Stephan Moccio (The Weeknd), this anthemic tune is a bright and refreshing Spring release. Moving away from what is often a electronic dominated field, this infectious pop tune oozes with booze-drenched piano, spirited clapping, and an overall optimistic and joyous vibe. “Last Call” is ready made for a boisterous singalong!

“Last Call” is available now. To find out more about Hudson Thames, he can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Header Image: Brav Erijah Gregg