Track of the Day: Diamond Vargas “Don’t Tell Me” (2018)

Oozing in a blend of electronic, urban soul and RnB, Melbourne’s Diamond Vargas has launched onto the scene with her debut track “Don’t Tell Me”. Written about the experience of having a strong connection with someone that is so deep that it threatens to corrupt your identity, this song is a luscious and exposing introduction to the nineteen year old artist.

Produced by Adelaide’s incredible K21, the track marks the beginning of a promising musical career for the young Melbourne artist who draws her inspiration from the likes of Jorja Smith and Lauryn Hill. A fresh yet bold composition that drips in ethereal instrumentals, smooth vocals and raw lyricism, Vargas has said about the song:

“It’s like being in a rut as a consequence of realising you’ve undergone dissapointing change and trying to navigate out of it.”

With her unique and buttery voice, engaging personality, and exquisite song-writing abilities, the Brighton local has become a well-known artist to locals. Perhaps best known for now for her incredible and evocative performances at the Elwood Lounge, where she can often be found crooning through brilliant acoustic explorations, Diamond Vargas is a mature and incredibly promising new musician on the block and her name is bound to be everywhere very soon.

“Don’t Tell Me” is available now on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud. To find out more about Diamond Vargas and to follow her journey you can find her on Facebook or Instagram.

Header Image sourced from the artist’s Facebook page