The Betweeners: Brisbane’s The Bonnie Doons walk us through their sophomore EP

Brisbane indie five-piece The Bonnie Doons released their new EP, The Betweeners, late last week. The four-track release champions a sound rich in groove, rhythm and soul, with the band dipping in and out of a few genre pools. 

Recorded at Brisbane’s Alchemix Studios, The Betweeners is a release rooted in optimism, and in making good choices in life, and in relationships. Or as the band put it, “Ultimately it is about being truthful to yourself; to quit deceiving yourself because it’s easier at the time, and having the confidence to stick to your guns… We should all be the main character in the movie that is our life.”

To celebrate the release of The Betweeners, and to give listeners a little bit more insight into the EP and its creation, the band have kindly put together this track-by-track. So, over to Torian and Kane from The Boonie Doons:

“The Betweeners”

Torian: In this track we comment on toxic relationships and the fine line that falls between sensuality and fulfilment; coining the euphemism of being ‘stuck in between the sheets of love’.

Kane: We kind of created a character and wrote from his perspective; he’s clearly been through a sticky situation with his ex, they’ve had some pretty gnarly fights, been to court, etc. But there’s still this lustful desire that keeps them coming back to each other, even to their own demise. And they remain stuck, ‘stuck in between the sheets of love’.


Kane: In this song we talk about physical attraction – how it can be easy to fall into the trap of infatuation, and that sometimes it’s best not to jump straight into the fun. It can be a kind of shallow pursuit if that’s the only pillar the relationship is founded on.

This one was originally a much longer, and different sounding song. Govinda accidentally sent a mix back to me with everything muted but the bass and vocals which gave me a totally new perspective on it. I kept the vocals and redid the music one afternoon in my room – just using the electronic drum kit and DI guitars / bass. This was what we call a happy accident. I think the EP needed a shorter, punchy one, anyway.


(a tool = a guy with a hugely over-inflated ego)

Torian: Supatool” was created back when we were first started experimenting with mixing Australian surf-rock with American funk-rap vibes, and it quickly proved to be one of our “supastrengths” (ha ha..). When Kane first showed me the riff, I instantly felt the emotion he was going for, so creating the lyrical vibe came naturally.

It’s about a guy who is a bit promiscuous in his approach to relationships and thinks highly of himself for doing so, hurting some feelings along the way. In the end he finds someone who completely changes his perspective, though she ends up breaking his heart.

Kane: The basis of this song begun when I was jamming it with a friend (shoutout Oscar Pannifex) down in the garage at one of my old places. I had this toolbox sitting in the corner which was branded ‘Supatool’ and so I used that word on the spot when coming up with some melodies. Ended up sticking haha, and it gave us an idea for something to write about.


Torian: In this track we talk about staying true to who you are and not letting your emotional attachments to things or people keep you from doing what’s right for you. Breaking down the barriers of guilt, letting something go and moving on – that’s what this song is about.

Kane: I came up with the music for this track years ago, back in late 2016. Put it on the back burner until I rediscovered it again after the band was established. I always thought it would sound cool with a rap over it, funnily enough I met Torian not long after making it.

The Bonnie Doons’ sophomore EP The Betweeners is out now. You can keep up to date with the band via Facebook and Instagram.

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