The ballot opens for the 21st Meredith Music Festival and Grinderman confirmed to play

The Ballot to Meredith’s 21st is now open. Yes it’s her 21st birthday. And one of the greatest anythings on the planet Grinderman will be playing.


Then we’ll get back to Grinderman.

The Ballot is quick, easy, free to enter.

All details are at; get in before August 12th.


Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey and Jim Sclavunos. A sonic bomb going off; all the skill, power, energy, desire and expressive brilliance of these four wizards unleashed in every direction. No rulebook.

Wild, visceral, psychedelic, animalistic, primal, brilliant, crude, stripped, naked, grotesque, inspired, fierce, hilarious, feral, schizophrenic, unhinged, lascivious, ominous, excessive, savage, furious, tender, beautiful. The wildest thing outta anywhere will wreak glorious havoc in the Amphitheatre Saturday Night.

Grinderman. Playing their only Victorian show. Finally…Thank you, Gods.


Will more than ever involve Bespoke Programming based on Supreme Live Experience, where collective anticipated mood and Time of Day or Night is the Guiding Light. It will rock, it will roll, and it’ll do everything else betwixt and between. It’ll be revealed a bit later.


Thanks to Meredithians for the 100s and 1000s of surveys fed back. Every one is now read and considered. Seems there’s only a few things to address. First, we are proud to say the ticket price will be same as last year, and the festival will remain the same perfect size it has for the last few years – no bigger. She’s still fiercely BYO, no commercial sponsors, one stage fits all, with the No Dickhead Policy, 3 days and 2 nights for $279 +bf.

The Interstitial Soundtrack (that’s the DJs between bands) will be tweaked back up to ‘party’ mode when appropriate. Got a bit introspective last year. Agreed.

Several more healthy, unhealthy and gourmet food options will be on offer.

You may have heard pergolas are no longer allowed in the Amphitheatre itself, however of course they are absolutely welcome in the campgrounds.


More comfort and space for everyone and everything: a whole New Campground, vast and elevated, on a ridge with views over the Supernatural Amphitheatre, across the rolling pastoral scenes to Krakatoa in the distance. Near Bush Camp. Shortlist of names include Glenn Ridge, Upstairs, Upper East Side, Poland. There will be NO increase in the number of people – strictly the same size as last year – but even more space to stretch out might be nice.