Stumbled Upon #035 – LORIS (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

In our 35th installment of “Stumbled Upon”, we meet Belfast’s LORIS, and chat about being feature on BBC Introducing’s and get to listen to their latest track ‘Yeah’. Enjoy this one as much as we do:

Band Name:

Website / Social Media:
Facebook / Soundcloud / Youtube / Twitter


Members & their roles:
Frances Mitchell – Vocals/Bass/Keys
Tommy Keery – Guitarist
Chris Scott – Drums and Synths
Michael Mormecha – Producer + Stage musician (Keys, Bass, Drums)

What music or artists inspired you?
We all have different tastes in music so it is hard to pinpoint a band that LORIS are heavily influenced by. We get compared to Churches and Haim alot which is cool because we are fans of both bands.

How did the band get started?
Frances and Tommy played in an indie rock band before LORIS and left that band because they wanted to experiment and write electronic pop music. They knew Chris and in him found someone who shared the same passion for electronic pop. After they got Chris on board they decided to work with a producer called Michael Mormecha. The band were familiar with Michael as they had all worked with him before.

How would you best describe your live show:
Fun, energetic, passionate and professional.

What shows do you have coming up?
We’re playing a couple of hometown shows soon and we are planning some shows in the mainland U.K over the summer.
Keep an eye on Facebook for more dates.

Tell us about your latest release:
Our latest release is a new single called ‘Yeah’. It was picked as BBC Introducing’s ‘Track Of The Week’ in February. It received daytime Radio 1 airplay by the likes of Fearne Cotton, Greg James and Scott Mills.

We started working on the track in 2014. It’s working title was ‘Happy’, however we soon changed the name after Pharrell Williams released massive tune called ‘Happy’. We recorded it in our hometown and shot the music video ourselves.

Where can I get your music?
Our music is available to buy on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

Listen to ‘Stumbled Upon’ on AU Radio , Mondays at 8:30PM, Thursdays at 3PM and Sundays at 10AM (AEDT), or the playlist of past ‘Stumbled Upon’ artists on Soundcloud

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