Nadastrom + Kato + Three Fingers – Oxford Art Factory (19.06.10)


It’s been quite some time since I had a night at Oxford Arts Factory and for me the night started half way through Three Fingers session behind the decks. These were two guys throwing out some good tracks and although the floor was a bit empty, this was no indication of their set. Rocking an epic 80s prom jacket and hair combo with enthusiasm, their timing was the only thing off. Not the beat, but the time of night. It was too early for a crowd to form and only a dedicated few were hitting the dance floor. We got a tasty little re-working of a track from The Lion King that I’ve never heard before and that may be because I’m out of touch with the ‘scene’ but I liked it. The set was fresh and a good opener for what was to come.

Kato, who followed, was solid. Something we’ve come to expect with his trademark hand waving skills and an ability to make a placid crowd lively. The floor space filled in as he played and it stayed that way. Solid beats and a fun vibe kept the energy levels up and he made more than a few people very happy – almost too happy.

Just quickly… PRIDE! So much red, white and blue. Flags, streamers and a disco ball. It was homecoming and Nadastrom were the joint kings of Oxford Arts High. Themes are fun!

Maybe I drank a little too much and maybe that was a bit counterproductive for an in-depth analysis of the evening, but in all honesty, what can you say about a DJ set? The beat was bouncing and super heavy. Nadastrom delivered an intense energy from behind the decks and the room responded with a huge eagerness. There was an epic party atmosphere that suited the theme, ‘All American Rave’, and the only thing missing was a keg in the middle.

They played it pretty safe with track selection, but that wasn’t a bad thing. We got a variety of flavours and the chance to dance. I hadn’t seen Nadastrom before but have enjoyed their tracks many times. It was good to finally see them live and apart from a mammoth headache and segmented snapshots of the evening, my memories from last night draw a grin from my face. Nadastrom had a huge part in this hazy feeling of satisfaction I’m experiencing, and for that I thank them.