My Chérie and UOMO invite listeners on a journey with their new release “runrunrun”

Adelaide artists and producers My Chérie and UOMO have released an introspective and harmonious single, “runrunrun”. This is their second collaboration after releasing “Crush” in March 2022. UOMO is the side project from the Adelaide indie/dance duo China Roses.

The song invites listeners to dive into their personal self-discovery journey while celebrating life’s quirks and passions. My Chérie’s candid exploration of her ADHD diagnosis adds an extra layer of depth to the narrative, making a catchy dance track also thought-provoking.

Growing up surrounded by a musical family, there was no alternative for My Cherie, she knew music was always going to be her passion. Having spent her childhood in South Africa, the impact and inspiration of her homeland is woven throughout her music, forming the basis of her transforming live shows. Wanting to create a unique experience for audiences and create open and honest conversations with the audience, while also weaving her native Afrikaans at times.

My Chérie’s music is a mixture of jazz-influenced guitar, loops and synths overlaid with a pure sweet voice.

My Chérie shares her personal experience with ADHD, shedding light on the challenges and realisations that come with learning new information about one’s self.

“My coping mechanism was to concentrate on passions and goals instead of stopping and processing challenges in my life. The track talks about the balance between self analysing, growing, self- help and also just enjoying ourselves and our quirks without being so overly critical and self aware”

The video is filmed in Spain, where she sought to escape the whirlwind of self-awareness and self-analysis. it captures the essence of freedom and reinforces the song’s themes of living in the moment and embracing one’s unique qualities.

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