Madoc Plane shares five records that influenced his debut EP Own Worst Enemy

Credit: Caelan Plane

Perth indie-pop singer Madoc Plane has today released his debut EP Own Worst Enemy, featuring the groovy singles “Right Reason” and “Overdrive”. The four-track project showcases his dazzling vocals over shimmering guitars and ambient textures in a short but bold offering.

As the title suggests, the EP explores the inner workings of Madoc’s mind and all of the self-doubt and overthinking that comes with it. Honest and relatable, Own Worst Enemy is acutely aware while nurturing the soul like a warm multicoloured jumper your nan made.

“The EP explores themes such as low self-esteem, anxiety, and overthinking,” he explains. “At the time of writing these songs I wasn’t my usual confident self, which I guess is displayed in the lyricism of the EP. I think that writing based on these self-critical themes was somewhat therapeutic for me, allowing me to be more honest with myself and to reflect on my experiences from a different perspective.”

Madoc put together five records that influenced the EP and told us what each one means to him. And boy, he’s got some good picks in there!

Origin – Jordan Rakei

For me, this album finds the perfect balance between samples and recorded instruments – something that Blake Weller and myself tried to implement in this EP. Vocally, Rakei’s melodic and rhythmic choices are simple yet intricate, bringing so much character and energy to these tunes.

Rainbow Valley – Matt Corby

Rainbow Valley is an emotional masterpiece. The production in songs like “Elements” and “Better” is polished and clean, and Matt Corby’s ability to layer his vocals in a way that doesn’t overcomplicate the melody is so clever. His warm and soulful voice is just unmatched, especially when combined with such beautiful instrumentation.

Starboy – The Weeknd

Banger after banger. I love the way The Weeknd produces consistently catchy hooks in every tune. The pop sound he created in this album has proved to be a massive influence on my melody writing and production style.

Dawn – Yebba

Listening to Dawn made me realise how much of an impact subtle changes in tonality can have on the dynamic shape of a song. The harmonic complexity in “All I Ever Wanted” and “How Many Years” had a heavy influence on my writing choices for my EP.

99.9% – Kaytranada

Every song on this album makes you want to dance. Kaytranada has such an iconic production style, using sidechaining and sampling to help complement the rhythmic pulse of the vocals. My song “Overdrive” takes a lot of influence from the production in this album.

The vocals and drums on the EP were recorded by Sam Ford (POND, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets) at Tone City Recording Studio in Perth. After playing multiple sold-out shows, the recent signee will be part of the Tone City Records Dreamfest at the Rosemount Hotel on 5 Nov alongside Siobhan Cotchin, Supathick and Nectar. You can get your tickets HERE.

Own Worst Enemy is out now on all streaming platforms. Follow Madoc Plane on Facebook and Instagram for more.