Live Review: Lime Cordiale + Micra + Teenage Dads – The Roundhouse, Sydney (21.11.19)

Lime Cordiale has caught the attention of international superstars like Post Malone and Dre London, and the hype that that’s garnered is definitely well deserved. These Northern Beaches boys put on one hell of a packed-out, sold out show at Sydney’s Roundhouse on Thursday evening as they continue their mammoth Robbery tour.

Warming up the stage was Micra – a dreamy synth rock Sydney band birthed from a chance meeting at an Unknown Mortal Orchestra gig. Fronted by Ivana Kay and Robbie Cain, the two brought along a few more members to pad out their live show as a five-piece. Their wistful rock with Ivi’s delicate vocals was the perfect ease into the night, accompanied by the shoeless Robbie and their bassist Luke’s hip bopping.

Following Micra was the unbridled energy of Teenage Dads. If you image what this band would look like just from the name, then you’re spot on at picturing this four-piece ensemble. The team of Melbourne lads were decked out in white pants and buttoned up shirts and strike me to be larrikins at their natural state (check out their ‘Sunburnt’ video clip, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about). Pair this with a thrashing vigour, and you’ve got a band that’s heating up the mosh like spitting oil in a frying pan. Their performance was infectious, and I would dare say addictive – it was safe to say they were having the time of their lives and we felt it. Their latest sound is an upbeat rock with dark undertones that makes you want to whip your head – the crowd was pumping by the end of it.

Then bring on the big guns: Lime Cordiale. At this point, the Roundhouse was choked up with a wave of young fans eager to see the beach blonde locks of brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach take the stage with their band. The entrée on the band’s notorious set list ‘menu’ was ‘Hanging Upside Down’ followed by ‘Dirt Cheap’.

Now, I never realised Oli played the clarinet until that moment – he whipped it out and that has got to be a show highlight: the incorporation of a woodwind instrument. The best part? It was to make its return. It also was the first instance of Louis’ maniacal laughs and the audience lapped them up.

The team used a fairly underlit stage with an array of coloured flashing lights which created quite the mood. All encompassed with Nicky’s trombone and it was like a psychedelic swirling big band meets the surf. Imagine that, if you will.

They rolled through a main course of hit after hit and topped it off with a three-song dessert, quite literally sprinkling the sundae with their tune “Money” as confetti canons blasted.

My only heartache is that I wish I heard some stories or personal tidbits from the frontmen – however I can definitely applaud their seamless song transitions and dedication to fitting as many tunes into the night as possible.

The performance confirmed the astronomical horizon for Lime Cordiale – they’ve got the charm, the Australian aesthetic and most importantly, the natural talent. It’s exciting to see what the future holds as the world feasts on the band through their international management and label deal recently inked with Post Malone and Dre. Everyone will be wanting to wash their meal down with a tall glass of Lime Cordiale.


Lime Cordiale continue their Robbery Tour with ticket information here

The Uni Bar | Hobart, TAS
Tasmania Hotel | Launceston, TAS
Spilt Milk Festival | Ballarat, VIC (SOLD OUT)
Corner Hotel | Melbourne, VIC (SOLD OUT)
Yalls Summer Fest | Yallingup, WA
Kingscliff Beach Tavern | Kingscliff, NSW (SOLD OUT)
Friday 13 December | Festival Of The Sun | Port Macquarie, NSW
Northern Beaches | Dee Why, NSW
Sunday 29 December | Woodford Folk Festival | Woodford, QLD
Lost Paradise | Glenworth Valley, NSW
Tuesday 31 December | Falls Festival | Lorne, VIC
Saturday 4 January | Falls Festival | Fremantle, WA
Australian Open | Melbourne, VIC
Friday 7 February | Party In The Paddock | White Hills, TAS

Tait McGregor