Live Review: Dear Seattle turned heads in Melbourne with sold out surprise gig

I’m sitting in my car. It’s about 6:07, traffic is heaving through the city and all I can think about is crashing on the couch, heating up some food and maybe chucking some Netflix on the telly. I’m exhausted, ready for the day to end but than suddenly my ears prick up. Brae Fisher is singing the single most relatable lyric you might ever hear.

“I don’t want to go to University. Cuz I don’t think they offer a f***wit degree.”

Dear Seattle have been absolutely kicking butt in the Australian music scene with their grungy, alternative sound surging them into many a Spotify playlist, including my own. Debuting their newest single “Maybe”, released last Tuesday on Triple J, the Sydney four-piece not only released a song dripping in nostalgic, early 2000s rock but announced a surprise headlining gig at Melbourne’s The Old Bar and Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney that same week. I’ll give you one guess as to where I found myself on Friday night.

You want thrashy guitars? You want a writhing moshpit? You want a crowd screaming the lyrics to a song released only days before? Australia, I give you Dear Seattle. Joined firstly by Adelaide’s Towns, this vibrant, energetic and all-round loveable best friend duo are were quick to grab attention with their vicious stage presence, huge sound and ultra-catchy choruses. Not to mention the perfectly sentimental addition of a television mashup cover that had the quickly growing crowd singing along. Next up were Perth’s Sly Withers, a heartfelt punk outfit who will draw you in from the beginning. Dripping in honest lyrics and ferocious guitar, I can assure you that I swiftly downloaded every single damn song I could get my hands on. Fan’s of The Smith Street Band and Luca Brasi will be quick to fall in love with this fresh act who’s live presence is beyond phenomenal.

Now for the real deal. Whilst it may be the 5th of 6th time that I’ve had the chance to see these boisterous boys live, there is one thing I know for sure. Dear Seattle never disappoint. The crowd began to take off before lead singer Brae even had a chance to put his lips on the microphone and drummer Josh McCoy was quickly topless in the sweltering confinements of Fitzroy’s finest. With every song, the crowd of people in front of the stage threw themselves into a mess with a constant array of crowd surfers held in the air much alike that scene from The Lion King. For such a small venue, the love for this band resonated from every wall whether it be the fact that every single song (even the ones we hadn’t heard before) was met by a screaming throng of people yelling the lyrics or the packed like sardines room despite having announced the show only days before.

Figureheads for Australia’s grunge resurgence, Dear Seattle are a band everybody needs to see live at least once. You won’t regret getting involved in this bloody good, sweaty mess.


Dear Seattle will be playing at Yours and Owl festival in Wollongong on 29th of September. More information can be found on their website

This reviewer attended the show at The Old Bar in Melbourne on the 31st of August

Photo Source: Pat O’Hara