Interview: Kim Churchill (AUS) on producing four EPs, making mistakes, and taking a creative journey across the globe

Allowing yourself to make mistakes and enjoy the creative journey is crucial to any approach, especially in a creative medium. Visioning what it means to grow from experiences, Aussie singer & songwriter Kim Churchill is developing his creative muse across the globe.

I AM, Churchill’s newest project, was birthed across the Indian Ocean, in Berlin. Often travelling to produce his music, Churchill says the process was radically different from his previous works in New South Wales, Canada and England. Collaborating with different local artists and talents from across the world, the songwriter found it pivotal to grow as an artist. “It’s one [of] the phenomenal privileges we have as members of the contemporary world, and to be open to it is wildly constructive and exciting!”

I AM. “I guess I’ve had a lot to write about, especially as I’ve been travelling so much during that time.”

“The general aesthetic of my reality has been of inspiration as well, and has given me a great scene for constructing my songs and stories and realisations within.”

Churchill worked with Vincent Kottkamp, a producer with a musical background very different to Churchill’s own, to create the final piece. With the ability to work attentively and quickly, Churchill explained that he was able to explore the depths of what he had to offer without any inconveniences or challenges.

…we gelled really nicely – which was odd because he came from such a different musical background. We were just able to come up with stuff we both liked so quickly,” says Churchill.

“I didn’t even explain that we were recording something I wanted to release. I just kept it as a ‘having fun and let’s see what happens’ thing, so the process was free and gentle and easy. It’s the vibe I try to create in all recording sessions now, in one way or another.”

Using his reality to create inspiration, Churchill also teamed up with Filmmaker and Photographer Connor Rancan to produce a documentation of all his adventures as a musician in a new light. “It’s a pretty deep insight into my creative adventures and strategies and ideas also. I think the whole concept of recording in different parts of the world thing is quite different and the story and travelling around and recording it all has been a good one,” says Churchill.

Touring the country right now, and performing in Germany, Netherlands, France and the UK this year, Churchill says the reception from different audiences are often a reminder of the interesting characteristics each market has – especially when combining music and travel: “In some of those markets I’ve played lots of different kinds of shows across a few years so I have an interesting differing bunch of people coming,”

“It’s not really a ‘scene’ kinda thing but I really love that a whole family can come to my show and love my music for totally different reasons, and have even found my music in totally different ways.”

After ending his relationship with record labels Warner (AUS), Universal (EU), Cadence Music (CAN), and Atlantic Records (UK), Churchill was inspired to work independently in the industry, partially being able to acknowledge and make mistakes. “Being an artist is a long journey with millions of little turns offs and side routes,” he says.

“They are all worth getting lost in due to the creative inspiration it all brings. I think the freedom to fail and become comfortable and interested in failure is very important.”

Stream I Am, the latest album from Kim Churchill, below!
Kim will be heading stateside for a string of dates this coming November, while Aussie fans can stay up to date with all things Kim Churchill through his website –