Frenzal Rhomb announce Smoko At The Pet Food Factory Album and Tour

Frenzal Rhomb have finally finished their new album Smoko at The Pet Food Factory in Fort Collins Colorado, with Descendents’ Bill Stevenson standing watch as producer! Bill’s famous punk rock studio operates within the grounds of his large pet food factory; processing gristle, fillers and connective tissue into extruded, rolled and pressed pet chunks. The process of living, recording and especially sleeping within such an environment was confronting for the 4 vegetarian members of Frenzal Rhomb, but the resulting music is so chumpy, you could carve it.

Lyrics to the first song “Bird Attack” are insultingly simple, and were aired at recent shows: “Magpie, seagull, ibis. Eyes drawn, ice cream, helmet”. And the pet food themed indignity continues for 16 tracks, including one near the end about world famous bass player and alleged substance abuser Karl Alvarez. Nestled comfortably in-between are songs about cockroaches, goths, racists, rapists and heaps and heaps of ciggies.

Frenzal’s album launch tour happens this September with US punk band Teenage Bottlerocket supporting! Punters are invited to bring their own invitro meat recipes to share, and make stem cell donations at shows.

Lindsay McDougall would also like you to be aware that “meat slurry” is mechanically separated meat, produced by forcing beef, pork or chicken bones through a sieve, to separate the bone from the meat tissue. This will be mixed with water to make it more easily fed through the tubes at all shows…

Smoko at The Pet Food Factory is set for release August 19 through Shock Records.



Thursday 1st Sept Cambridge Hotel Newcastle
Tickets from the venue 02 4962 2459, Rock Shop 02 4929 1856, 1300 GET TIX

Friday 2nd Sept Metro Sydney
Tickets from Metro box office 02 9550 3666, 132 849

Saturday 3rd Sept Corner Hotel Melbourne
Tickets from 03 9427 9198

Tuesday 6th Sept The National Hotel Geelong
Tickets from The venue 03 5229 1211, 1300 762 545

Wednesday 7th Sept The Loft Warrnambool
Tickets from The venue 03 5561 0995, Capricorn Records 03 5562 2803, 1300 762 545

Thursday 8th Sept The Gov Adelaide
Tickets from the venue 08 8340 0744, 1300 GET TIX

Friday 9th Sept Arena Brisbane
Tickets from 1300 GET TIX, 1300 762 545

Saturday 10th Sept Civic Hotel Perth
Tickets from 08 6210 7270, 1300 GET TIX, 1300 762 545